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Good Friday for Muslims and for Christians

By Asghar Vasanwala

Saifuddin Mosque The event celebrated as Easter by Christians is in fact important to Muslims as well, if for a different reason. 

Memorable Events of Human History.

Muslims and Christians both believe in the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Powerful and Eternal GOD.

The Christian belief is that Jesus (as) was saved, although they believe he was saved in a different way.  But notwithstanding that, the importance of his being saved is the focus of this article.

Muslims believe that Jesus (as) was saved on the day of Ashura, as were so many prophets in the past, including Musa (as) who was delivered from Pharoah on Ashura, and as Ibrahim (as) was saved from the fire of Nimrod on Ashura.  So the date is important, although of course as Muslims our understanding of the significance of that date is different from Christians and their observance of Easter.

Reminding a quotation from Holy Qur’an Suratun Nisa, verse:

“The Natives and the aliens miserably failed in their plan against Jesus

“Their boastful claim: ‘We killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary who claims to be Messenger of Allah.’

They could not kill Jesus, nor they could hanged him, No, certainly not, they were put in confusion…… Surely they could not slay him.

But Allah exalted Jesus, raised him high unto Himself

And Allah is indeed Almighty, Most Wise.”

YES, Certainly, The blasphemers, The deniers of Jesus Failed miserably in their wicked planning.

They could not crucify, nor could kill Jesus.

Almighty GOD raised him up high unto Himself.”

Salaams on him and his mother Blessed Mary and all who respect Jesus.

May this FRIDAY and all Fridays be Good for all the humanity, and peace from us to on one of the great Messengers, JESUS, Who enlightened the path of tolerance, mercy, affection, love and services to the down-trodden, deprived ones, the have-nots of humanity.

The other difference is that for us as Muslims, every Friday is good Friday, every Friday is a kind of ‘eid for us as Muslims.


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