Goodbye Iraq

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Goodbye Iraq

By Elder George

Senator McCain stated that American troops might remain in Iraq for 100 years, which sounds like a long time to keep soldiers on foreign soil; however, when compared to the more than 60 years we have already been in Germany and Japan, his statement seems like a reasonable estimate.

The purported reason for these long occupations are national security considerations, which has questionable validity; the more likely reason is to maintain an aggressive international military posture. However, a deeper less obvious but important purpose is to completely dominate the conquered nations; not by keeping them physically enslaved but by changing their thought process to conform to the thinking of the occupiers.

The German culture has completely changed since the end of World War II. It’s music, values, and family structure have all changed dramatically. Germany has gone through a cultural metamorphosis of which I have first hand personal knowledge. They have become completely Americanized. Some will say this change has little significance since Germany was already a European nation. Perhaps a look at Japan would give us a clearer understanding of how America has transformed a foreign society.

One of the first acts by General MacArthur in his administration of postwar Japan required the renunciation by Emperor Hirohito of his divinity. That in essence reduced the Shinto religion to a symbolic entity. Another early act imposed democracy on the people, which reduced the authority of men. These two acts, neutering religion and disempowering men always leads to the control of a people by an outside influence.

Since the enactment of these two requirements by General MacArthur, the Japanese marriage rates and fertility rates have dropped. Japan has become a nation of old people. There is little virility in old people, so the nation has become docile and self-indulgent. A 400% increase in the drinking of alcoholic beverages has occurred among the “liberated” Japanese women. Suicide, which is rare in patriarchal nations, now has shown a dramatic increase in Japan. Its purpose of being has changed from a society focused on the propagation and preservation of the race to one of self-indulgence and the degeneracy that accompanies it.  

The same techniques used to control Japan have already been applied to Iraq. Paul Bremer forbade the institution of Sharia at the onset of the American occupation. The parliament requires a certain percentage of women members and democracy has been forcefully established. The neutering of religion and the disempowerment of men has already begun, as have its consequences. Within six months of the arrival of American soldiers prostitution began to thrive in Baghdad.  Iraq has witnessed a tremendous rise in drug usage as the residents try to cope with the stress of daily living. It will only take a little longer for depression and suicide rates to increase.

As articles in this paper have adequately described, the Americans have built a multi billion-dollar airbase outside of Baghdad employing 40,000 people; the new American embassy is a combination fortress and palace; and Halliburton has moved its headquarters to Dubai. America plans to stay for a very long time.

In another generation Iraqis will be indistinguishable from Americans in thought, word, and deed, and they will be proud of their new culture. Goodbye Iraq, it’s all over but the fighting.

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