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Halal Food Festival in London

S.N. Syed reports from London (UK)

Last week, the world’s largest Halal food festival took place in London’s ExCel exhibition center. Organized by Mr. Imran Kausar and Mr. Noman Khawaja of Halal Events Ltd., the inaugural event attracted thousands of British Muslim “haloodies” (halal foodies). The three-day event featured cooking lessons and demonstrations with over a dozen professional chefs and ~100 food-related exhibitors, from chocolatiers to Tuareg-cuisine grills. The organizers also made sure to include a philanthropic element, inviting entertainers Mesut Kurtis and Saif Adam to generate support for Human Appeal International.

Judged to be a success by the organizers and participants, the festival is looking Stateside for future events. “New York could be an interesting place to have this event,” noted Mr. Kausar.



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