Halal food under consideration in Hudson schools

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Halal food under consideration in Hudson schools

HUDSON,NY–The Diversity Subcommittee of the Hudson Common Council is investigating the possibility of having halal foods served in the cafeterias of the Hudson City School District, the Register-Star reported.

At a recent meeting of the subcommittee, Alderwoman Alexis Keith, D-4th Ward, said some students go the whole day without food because of the lack of halal offerings.

The school district’s Food Service Director Catherine Drumm said the district is trying to meet the needs of its diverse population.

“We here at Hudson City School District make an effort to accommodate our entire student body with multiple food options available daily in all our school cafeterias,” she stated in an email. “We currently provide two non-meat sandwiches and a salad entree option daily in all of our buildings. At this current time I am looking to expand on our vegetarian options by adding hot vegetarian entrees to our menu.  I believe the availability of both hot and cold vegetarian options will allow us to accommodate many different segments of our diverse student body.

“In a public school system Food Service Program funded by government funds I believe it is important to consider all members of our student population,” Drumm stated. “I will continue to seek new and innovative food options that will satisfy our entire student body.”

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