Hassan Nisar in Detroit

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Hassan Nisar in Detroit

By TMO Stringer

The well-known writer Hassan Nisar, from Pakistan, visited Detroit and came to a meeting held at the Tawheed Center in Farmington Hills.  Over 250 people attended.

People listened quietly as Mr. Nisar spoke, saying Pakistan was hijacked before it was born.  He primarily blamed this on feudalism and feudalistic society.  Later he said rampant corruption weakened it further.

The main concept in which founding father asked for Pakistan was for a ‘security’ but we totally lost that concept.

Addressing the gathered people, he said some of you belong to Luidh, some to Punjab, some from Baluchistan and Peshawar, but we all belong to one country and that is Pakistan, we are all Pakistanis.

He lamented that in spite of the fact that Islam prohibits worship of anyone other than God, in Pakistan worship of other people and higher authorities (officers, politicians) have become common.  Allah (swt) is sending His wrath to the people of Pakistan and is another reason for the downfall of its people and Pakistan.

Commenting on the future political leaders he said we need to have a new breed.  Imran Khan, he said, has not been tried so far.  He has earned the people’s respect and we should try him and bring him into power.  If he turns out to be the same as the other past politicians people should throw him out in the next election. He also said that the term of the President should be reduced to four years from the current five year term.

A lively question and answer session followed after his speech. 

He said if we want to rise from the current status, we must be honest in our dealings, prepare ourselves and the future generation to be innovative and be educated, innovative and self-dependent.


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