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HDF Holds Successful Gala Event

By TMO Stringer

Human Development

Nina Rehman Khan, Chairperson, HDF-Michigan Network.

Foundation, a Chicago based organization, has been working in various fields to uplift the downtrodden masses in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan. In the field of education it has built and rehabilitated dilapidated schools. In health area it has organized medical camps; helped built clean water system, and has bought health awareness. In the social arena it works for social welfare and has carried out relief and rehabilitation following natural calamities. The organization also works for the economic development of the deprived areas in Pakistan.

To support their worthy cause, over 600 people attended this year’s gala fund raising banquet on May 12th at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dearborn.

Mrs. Nina Rehman Khan, Chairperson HDF, outlined the HDF’s goals. In her remarks, she said, “Our goal is to raise money for improving health, education and economic development of under privileged masses, especially women”.

Mr. Saeed Khan was the program emcee. He kept the program flow running smoothly. Audience enjoyed his eloquent brief comments.

The Chief Guest of the evening was Dr. Mehmood Khan. He is the Chief Executive Office of the Global Nutrition Group and Chief Scientific Officer of Pepsi Cola.
He lamented the media’s biased and unbalanced reporting on most issues, especially in the economy and agricultural field, of the developing world.

Speaking on the current economic changes taking place around the word he said, “Massive economic shift is going on from the developed to the developing world and Pakistan is at the juncture of getting its share”.

Dr. Mehmood Khan, CEO of Global Nutrition Group and Chief Scientific Officer, PepsiCo.

He continued, “China has become one of the leading economies of the world; it has become a power house.” The primary reason for this is that China not only tops the world in the manufacturing of goods but also in its consumption.

Giving the example of Ford and General Motors, he said that the profit of these companies derived mainly from productions and consumptions of their products in China.

Discussing the agricultural sector he said, “In the world, over a billion people go hungry every night and this figure is likely to increase in future”. This is in spite of  the green revolution taking place in many countries.  Although the agricultural development is taking shape in these countries, more people will go hungry. This is because of nearly 40% of the produce get rotten before it reaches the end consumer simply due to lack of infrastructures.

More than hospitals or other similar institutions Pakistan need development of infrastructures like roads, electricity, transport facilities, etc.; for produce to reach end consumers before it is spoiled. He said, “Illiteracy and lack of infrastructure are the biggest problems facing Pakistan”.

This was followed by a passionate appeal from Imam Abo Elzahab of Toledo, OH, to donate for the cause. People gave generously for the cause and the organization collected including pledges over $275,000.

The gala evening concluded with an enthralling musical program by famous Pakistani folk and film singer Saira Naseem.


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