Helping Hand USA Organizes a Fundraiser in Arizona to Empower Women Around the World

By Nidah Chatriwala

Both pictures:  People at the Helping Hand Fundraiser.

On May 2, Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) organized a fundraiser dinner at the Arizona Cultural Academy to raise funds for programs that provide skill development of people, especially women in poverty stricken countries.

This was HHRD’s first official fundraiser in Arizona attended by almost 300 audience members who came with an open ear, heart and hand to donate to empower women globally.
“Knowing the giving nature of the Phoenix community; organizing the fundraiser in Phoenix is an added excitement. Helping Hand stands for helping those in need, to act as a bridge between those who give and those who need it the most,” enthused Regional Coordinator of HHRD West Region, Ishrat Rahman.

The main goal of the event was to facilitate sustainability through home-based income generating production and develop market linkages. The donations raised in Arizona will reach women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan and Mexico.

“I work, however I do work more passionately when I feel and understand the cause behind an organization. For me, Helping Hand is one such non-profit organization. They are doing good the world over,” shared HHRD’s Phoenix Liaison, Gul Siddiqi.

What made this fundraiser stand out was the method used to raise funds which was unique in itself. The organizers had pinned faceless women figures cut out of pink paper on a whiteboard next to each country’s name listing the skill program and the amount needed to complete the training to help women of that country to start earning their home-based income.
The event unfolded with Quran recitation followed by a few video clips to show the audience how previous donations helped women support their families with the training they received through HHRD.

The night came to a close with dinner and entertainment including stand up comedians, Azhar Usman and Mo Ammer, who left the audience smiling.
HHRD successfully raised their target amount of funds in Arizona almost clearing the whiteboard clean with only a few pink labels left hanging.

“Helping Hand will put in all our efforts to make sure that the donation reaches the right people,” assured Rahman.

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