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Hina Jilani–women’s movement in Pakistan

By Geoffrey Cook

The following is a narrative composed by writer Geoffrey Cook based on statements made by Hina Jilani.

The Peace Movement that is developing between peoples in South Asia impacts both Pakistanis and Indians. It is clearly a multiple initiative resulting from the two nations’ atomic 1998 blasts. It is an interaction between two peoples: “The Peace Movement actually emerged from…discussions, debate and dialog.” among individuals from the two nationalities. It has already had a significant impact… There have been “…hostilities [all over the region], but India and Pakistan are the…cause of the majority of [the] tension[s].”

Women in Pakistan never dissociated themselves from the struggle for democracy. On the other hand, the Women’s Movement has gained with its contact with the democratic Movement there.

”The argument that there… should be…a secular approach…has nothing to do with Islam…[but] the laws have to be clear and unambiguous.” If the legal system is administered solely by religion, there will be tension. “This is not conducive to…a stable foundation for human rights…”

The past periods of the military dictating foreign policy has proved disastrous for her country! While in power, the Army has de-prioritized the interests of their body politic destroying all political and social harmony!

A new democratic period must evolve to save us from this in the present and in the future! If it does not, there is not much hope for Islamabad. Especially now when it is finding it harder to compete with India on an economic basis, and the U.S. is betraying our interests!


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