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Painting for Peace at Rice University Houston Texas

Houston Muslims are working with their fellow non-Muslims to paint several paintings representing Peace and Unity. The paintings will be displayed on Saturday, August 5th at the Rice University Ley Student Center (Farnsworth Pavilion) at 11 a.m. The exhibition will remain at Rice University through August 25, 2006. There is no admission fee.

The project was created by Dr. Imrana Malik, a Houston physician. “As a Muslim, I feel very heavy-hearted about the negative view of Muslims and Islam today,” Dr. Malik said. “The tragic and unfortunate ‘reality’ is that Muslims are viewed as violent individuals based on the actions of a few radicals. Working with our fellow neighbors to paint these paintings is an expression of our stand for Peace and Unity. We are hoping to make this into an annual event, as well as get national involvement by reproducing this effort in other US cities, such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.”

Dr. Malik developed this project, while participating in a Landmark Education leadership program, the coursework for which included creating a project that benefits the community (www.landmarkeducation.com).

For more information, call 832-563-0199 or E-Mail ImranaM@HotMail.Com

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital is a Living Example of Human Services and Generosity in Islam: Imran Khan

“Unfortunately Islam is related to terrorism now-a-days due to the faults of a few. In this entire quagmire, several good works like the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) Lahore Pakistan do not come in the focus of the world. But SKMH is a Living Example of Human Services and Generosity in Islam”.

These were the words of the famous sports personality from Pakistan, the former cricket captain, present founder and chairperson of the Tahreek-e-Insaaf Political Party and the initiator of SKMH Lahore Pakistan Imran Khan, as he raised around $100,000 due to the benevolence of Houstonians at the Stafford Center at Cash Road. Organizers of the event, Sajjad Burki, Zafar Tahir, Dr. Asaf Qadeer, Dr. Yaqub Shaikh, Abdullah Jaffri, Dr. Wajid Khan, Dr. Kashif Ansari and several community volunteers, made sure the event was well-attended and organized.

Imran Khan said that no Government Subsidy is received by this privately administered hospital. He said there is no other cancer hospital in the whole world which provides free of charge cutting edge technology treatment for cancer to 70% of its patients.

Although the prices of medications and equipment have sky-rocketed since the inception of SKMH in 1994, Imran said that the facilities at the hospital have always been kept up-to-date, only due to the generosity of mainly Pakistanis and some people of other countries. These people, mainly Muslims, have helped this cause only for the Pleasure of God, their salvation in the hereafter and as a service to mankind: And that is what the true essence of Islam is: Munificence, Selflessness and Morality.

Imran said the same spirit of compassion and human services will bring about the necessary change in Pakistani society in general and in the Muslim ummah at large, bringing back the much-needed joy in the world.

Dr. Nowsherawan Burki, who has been in charge from the very beginning for designing the building, said that since donations have come in such large amounts, they have gotten the courage to go for a second building in Karachi, which will be done by 2009 and after which if they will have a third building in another city, that will, God-Willing, take care of all the cancer patient needs in Pakistan. Imran applauded the people of Karachi as the most generous.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) spoke on the occasion and saluted all those who have been involved with SKMH and pledged $500 for the project. The City of Houston Councilman M. J. Khan presented Special Recognition Proclamation to SKMH.

More information about this project can be received from: Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, Inc. – 449 South Ashland Avenue – Lexington – KY 40502 – Telephone: 859-266-5330 – Web-Page: www.ShaukatKhanum.Org.PK

First Cameras To Stay On Local Roads

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says the city will stick with its initial plan to install red light cameras at ten local intersections, despite getting approval to put those devices on state-owned roads which the department admits are more dangerous.

Hurtt said last week he doesn’t want to delay implementation of the cameras, scheduled for mid-July, while HPD waits for Tex-DOT approval of its selected intersections. There was some concern it would be illegal for Houston to install those cameras on state-owned rights of way. However, a Texas Attorney General’s opinion, released last month, said its okay for cities to do that, as long as they have state permission.

Once they start operating, the cameras will photograph red light runners’ license plates. Violators will be mailed a $75 ticket for the first two times they’re caught. A third citation within 12 months doubles the fine to $150.

Here’s a list of the ten intersections where HPD is now installing the devices. Houston plans to put the cameras at as many as 50 intersections eventually, but it hasn’t yet said where any of the others will be placed.

1. John F. Kennedy at Greens Road
2. Bingle at Pinemont
3. Richmond at Dunvale
4. Bellaire at Fondren
5. Bellaire at Wilcrest
6. Elgin at Milam
7. Hillcroft at Harwin
8. Bay Area Boulevard at El Camino Real
9. Travis at Webster
10. Hillcroft at Westpark


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