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Houstonian Corner (V10-I16)

Sugar Land Mayoral Candidate Russell Jones impressed with the Shifa Foundations’ Legal, Educational & Medial Services

Pure Aesthetics (http://www.pureaestheticsllc.com/), a well established Laser Anti Aging and Body Contouring Business of Sugar Land and the Shifa Foundation (http://www.shifaclinichouston.org/), a well respected Service Center that has been providing Legal, Educational and Medical services under the same roof to the community for over ten years, held an event for Mr. Russell Jones’s Campaign for Sugar Land Mayor at the new building (Shifa Center) located at 10415 Synott Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. This community clinic and educational facility is open to all regardless of their ethnic or religious or any other backgrounds. Call Dr. Hasan Naqvi at 281-558-5183 or Abdul Wahid Mushi at 832-640-0548 to know about all the services of Shifa Foundation.

Over the past five years, while serving as a member of the Sugar Land City Council, Mr. Russell Jones has made it his mission to look out for the interests of Sugar Land taxpayers, families, seniors, neighborhoods and local businesses. Early Voting for Sugar Land elections starts April 28 – May 6 of 2008. Election Day is May 10th of 2008. Requesting all Sugar Land’s residents to come out and vote. Visit the website http://www.jonesforsugarland.com/ for more information.

Dr. Waseem Khan of Pure Aesthetics and Dr. Moein Butt, Chairperson of Board of Directors of Shifa Foundation, introduced the guest Mr. Russell Jones as man closer to religion and as such making him a credible and upright person. Mr. Russell Jones informed that he has lived in Saudi Arabia and there met many Muslims of Pakistani and of course Saudi origins. He has learnt much about Islam over there, as well as when at University; he studied a few things about the Islamic Shariah Law. He said he is a strong proponent of utilizing the strength of diversity, but believes in volunteerism, meaning qualified people from various communities should themselves come forward to the plate and offer their talents for various voluntary boards as well as professional positions for the betterment of Sugar Land. He said religion is important, as it gives certain well defined ethical and moral principles.

Historical Background of Shifa Foundation

Dr. Waseem Khan of Pure Aesthetics, and Dr. Moein Butt, Dr. Hasan Naqvi, Dr. Azeem-ud-Din, Abdul Wahid Munshi and other Board of Directors of Shifa Foundation, gave a tour to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Jones of the new Shifa Foundation Building located at 10415 Synott Road, Sugar Land, Texas 77478.

Informing them about the historical perspective, it was said that the Houston Shifa Services Clinic, now located in Southwest side of Houston, was formed in 1997 by a group of volunteers, primarily doctors, to provide much needed medical, legal and educational services to economically-disadvantaged of the community without regard to ethnicity, color, or creed.

Despite the ups and downs of the economy in recent years, Shifa Clinic has continued to provide for the needy. The services offered have eased the pain and suffering of thousands of individuals when such help was beyond their means. The Shifa Clinic continues to expand its vision to increase services to the needy by bringing comfort, hope, and strength to a community where many of its citizens face illness alone and the fear it brings when they cannot afford medical insurance.

At its inception, the Clinic operated out of a small space of approximately 100 square feet, provided by Dr. Azeem-ud-Din. In 1999, it occupied 1600 square feet of space and expanded services to include educational services and legal aid. In 2004 the clinic moved to its current location at 10415 Synott Road. A trailer was purchased for this purpose, consisting three examination rooms: one room each for eye and dental exams, two rooms for counseling, pharmacy, lab, etc.


All volunteer staff: The Clinic has over 30 staff volunteering their time. The clinic has two locations to serve: One is the 10415 Synott Road (Sat. 11:00AM.-2:30PM.); Second location is AL-Salam Clinic in Masjid As-Salam @ Champions, 16700 Old Louetta Road, Spring, Texas 77379: Every Sunday, 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM. Complete Family Care.

The Legal Resource Center of the Foundation provides help with Legal Information, etc. on every last Saturday of the Month, 11:30 AM. – 1:00 PM. (at 10415 Synott Road location)

The main slogan of this vibrant foundation as it tries to involve everyone is: A Clinic Today, A Hospital Tomorrow: How can you help?

Call Dr. Hasan Naqvi at 281-558-5183 or Abdul Wahid Mushi at 832-640-0548 to know about all the services of Shifa Foundation.


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