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Houstonian Corner (V10-I50)

Don’t Miss OPEN House of ILM Academy

HOUSTON, TX: All are invited to come and hear about the unique ILM Academy School on Sunday, December 14, 2008 between 3:30–5:30pm, located at 1209 Conrad Sauer Drive, Houston, Texas 77043 (inside ISGH Education Center, next to Masjid El-Farouq). Special guest speaker is going to be Gretta Yaeger of Houston Montessori Center. For more information, please call 713-464-4720 – Ext. 300 or Visit www.ilmacademy.org

Fiqh Council of North America Bases Eid AL-Adha On Hajj

PLAINFIED, IN: This is according to website of the Islamic Society of North America (www.ISNA.Net): Following the Hajj announcement, Fiqh Council has decided that Eid AL-Adha will be on Monday, December 08th, 2008. According to Saudi Press Agency, the Supreme Judicial Council announced that Saturday, November 29th, 2008, is the first day of the lunar month of Zil-Hijja, and accordingly Arafat Day will be on Sunday, the 09th of Zil-Hijja, corresponding to December 07th, 2008, and Eid AL-Adha day will be on Monday, the 10th of Zil Hijja, corresponding to December 08th, 2008, said a statement released today by the supreme judicial council. Please read the Article regarding Eid AL-Adha at www.ISNA.Net

ISGH Follows Decisions of ISNA & Fiqh Council of North America

HOUSTON, TX: This is according to website of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (www.ISGH.Org): ISGH stand on the issue of moon-sighting. ISGH Majlis AL-Shura in its meeting on August 18th, 2007 passed the following resolution unanimously that reaffirmed ISGH stand on the issue of moon-sighting for Ramadan and Eidain. (0807-06): ISGH will revert back to ISNA & Fiqh Council decision: “Resolved that ISGH will revert back to ISNA & Islamic Fiqh Council decision for start of Ramadan and Eidain.” UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED

ICNA Eid AL-Adha Announcement

NEW YORK, NY: This is according to website of Islamic Circle of North America (www.ICNA.Org): EID MUBARAK – There was no valid moon-sighting in the U.S. on the eve of Friday, November 28, 2009. Therefore, Sunday, November 30th will be the 01st of Dhul-Hijjah, 1429 AH, and Tuesday, December 09th, 2008 will be the day of Eidul Adha ~ Insha’Allah. May Allah(S) have His(S) special Mercy on the Ummah and bless the humanity with understanding, tolerance, peace and tranquility. AAMEEN

PCC-USA Honors Mohammedmian Soomro & Sheila Jackson Lee

HOUSTON, TX: “President of the Chamber Saeed Sheikh is a man of collaborative collaborations,” said Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at Marriott Sugar Land Luncheon in the honor of Chairman Senate Pakistan Mohammedmian Soomro. This lunch was organized by the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce – USA (PCC-USA).
On this occasion, PCC-USA Awards of Excellence were conferred upon Mohammedmian Soomro, Sheila Jackson Lee and Ghulam Bombaywala. Special Recognition Awards were given to the Year 2008 Sponsors Tara Energy and Sam’s Club.

Talking on the occasion, Mohammedmian Soomro thanked the Pakistani Community in USA especially Houston for the remittances they send everyday to Pakistan and for the assistance during natural disasters like the Earthquakes of 2005 and 2008. He informed about the opportunities in Pakistan in the field of energy (renewable and clean energy), water conservation and Joint Storage in Agriculture. He congratulated Houstonian Pakistanis for Pakistan Center and for being the trend setting community in USA.

President of the Chamber Saeed Sheikh, whose tenure will be finished at the end of Year 2008, called it the most historic year, with several Memorandums of Understanding signed with Karachi, Lahore and Sialkot Chambers of Commerce and Trade Development of Pakistan. He informed about the upcoming Pakistan Gems and Jewelry Expo and the Pilot Project of PCC-USA Pakistan’s Energy Sector Committee. He requested Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to bring back and have the Re-Investment Opportunity Zones (ROZ) Legislation approved (which she agreed to). He saluted Mohammedmian Soomro and Sheila Jackson Lee for working to alleviate Poverty and extremism.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called Mohammedmian Soomro a man with excellent demeanor, upon whom any society would look upon to lead them to revival. “Pakistan is going through tough times, as are many other countries. I am soon going to re-introduce Biden Economic Legislation on Pakistan. I am against intrusions inside the borders of Pakistan by US Military. Although anything can happen in politics, but there is every chance that Hilary Rodham Clinton will be US Secretary of State and under her, we will have a more sensible policy on Pakistan. President-Elect Barack Obama’s Stimulus Package, which will soon be announced and may begin as early as December one month before his inauguration: We have high hopes that this will help in the economic recovery and will bring back the much needed stability,” said Congresswoman Lee.

For more information on PCC-USA, one can call 281-948-1840 or E-Mail: President@PCC-USA.Org.

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