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Houstonian Corner (V11-I3)

Oath Taking Ceremony Of ISGH Year 2009-2010 (B) Dr. Aziz Siddiqui Has Taken The Oath Of ISGH President

“ISGH is the largest organization of its kind of Muslims in the country. I am extremely humbled by your presence today, which is a testimony that a change has occurred. A change, which will Inshaa Allah bring a brighter future as a United Ummah. There are couple of community issues, which warrant our special attention as a unified Majlis AL-Shura. Our efforts will be directed to project a positive image of Islam and its’ followers in the wider community. We will be more vocal and visible and utilizes multiple channels of Media, Government Agencies and Elected Government Officials to achieve these objectives. We would like our centers to be open to the hungry and the needy in our communities and maintain harmonious relationship with our Neighbors and other Interfaith Organizations.”

These were the words of newly elected President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH), Dr. Aziz Ahmad Siddiqi, after Chairman of Ulema Committee of ISGH Shaikh Moustafa Mahmoud, had administered his oath to the office, in front of all the members of Election Commission including Chairman Rashid Khokhar and general members of ISGH.

Later on, President Dr. Siddiqi took the oaths of General Secretary Kamal Husain; Director North Roger Yelton; Director Southwest Abdul Wahid Munshi; Associate Director North-West Bear Creek Mohammad Amin Moola; Associate Director South-East HWY 3 Mohammed Yousef; Associate Director Spring Branch North-West Afaq Durrani; and several Area Representatives.

Everyone of the elected officials have asked the community to pray for them, so that they may make the correct decisions during their tenure and have asked for constructive suggestions to further improve the good work of ISGH. For more information on regular activities and programs of ISGH, one can visit www.isgh.org.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia To Promote Diversification: Needs More Deputies

The First Hispanic Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia (48) received a public inauguration this past Sunday in the lobby of Union Station located at the Minute Maid Park. The party expenses were paid by his Campaign and some friends, with no public money involved. U.S. District Judge Vanessa Gilmore swore him into the office, although he had also taken the oath to the office earlier on Friday.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Houston Mayor Bill White; County Judge Ed Emmett and Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia were many of the local leaders, who were at Minute Maid Park, to honor Mr. Garcia and his family. He has replaced long-time Sheriff Tommy Thomas after winning the Election in November 2008. Garcia said he’s ready to make changes within the department.

President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) Dr. Aziz Siddiqi, President of Pakistani-American Association of Greater Houston (PAGH) Khalid Khan; Vice-President of PAGH Iqbal Badat; Houston Police Department (HPD) Officer Muzaffar Siddiqui and several other community personalities were as well present.
“I know it’s the public trust that’s been put on my shoulders. I will work diligently to win that public trust and earn the support of those who may not have voted for me and work to maintain the support of those who did,” said Mr. Garcia. He said his priorities include hiring more deputies and improving his department’s link with various diversified communities to make Harris County Sherriff Department the best in the country and the world. He further stressed upon the is need to bolster homeland security and emergency preparedness work in the wake of recent Hurricane IKE and to also augment crime prevention.

The ceremony included music, a law enforcement color guard, prayers and introductory speeches by Houston Mayor Bill White and County Judge Ed Emmett. The crowd was brimming and many people did not get a seat. Members of Mr. Garcia’s extended family; and several other guests had come with young children. The Sheriff’s Daughter, Nina (13), led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the event, Judge Emmett said the commissioners will look into the requests made by Mr. Garcia for new positions in his Office, as they will soon be working on financial plan.

Mayor Bill White, on Mr. Garcia’s Election to the Office, said that both locally and nationally, the politics of hope, confidence and inclusiveness are on the rise, while the politics of fear, patronage and wedge issues are in retreat.”

Sheriff Adrian Garcia called Mayor Bill White as his mentor and said he will be in prayers for Mayor White to be moving along the Pennsylvania Avenue as the Senator from Texas.

Council Member M. J. Khan Welcomes Two Consul Generals: India & Qatar

Last month December 2008, the City of Houston Council Member M. J. Khan met and warmly welcomed the two newest members of Houston’s 89-member consular corps: The Honorable Yousef Ali Yousef AL-Khater, Consul General of Qatar and The Honorable Sanjiv Arora, Consul General of India.


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