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Houstonian Corner (V11-I7)

Contribute to Masjid Mumineen Relief Project for Refugees

Hundreds of refugees come from various parts of the world every year to Houston Texas this past Sunday as part of their annual giving program. Masjid Mumineen in Houston gave away household and personal hygiene items to many refugees from Myanmar (Burma), Somalia and Iraq. All the items were purchased using the donations people gave for this program. This masjid is frequented mostly by people who have emigrated from West Africa (85% Nigerian).

Present were Abdur Rahman AdesoKan (Imam Masjid); Dr. Kamardeen; Musfih GBadamosi (President Masjid); Marshall Suleiman (Past President Masjid); Rabiu Adeyemi (Chairperson Mumineen Relief Project MRP); Abdul Wahab Kadiri (Secretary MRP); and Muhammad AbubaKar (Treasurer MRP).

All the items were given out to the refugees in a most organized manner, as everything was well documented. Items included Vacuum Cleaners; Food Processors; Kitchen Utensils; Home Cleaning Accessories; Personal Hygiene Items; and much more. After receiving the items, the refugee guests had luncheon with the members of Masjid.

“Our Motto is to take generous donations from those who have and give it out to those who do not have”: Explained Abdul Wahab Kadiri about this project. “We have Eid-AL-Adha and Eid-AL-Fitr Feats for those in need. We help refuges by going door to door throughout the year. Also we organize every Sunday 7am.-9am. Brothers’ Learning Classes; 11am.-1pm. Sisters’ Learning Classes and the Last Sunday of the Month Family Learning Classes from 10am.-2pm.”; he added.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute towards this community assistance project: Tax-Deductible Checks can be mailed to: Mumineen Relief Inc. – 8875 Benning Drive – Houston – Texas 77031 – Phone: 281-642-5015.

Ideology of Peace Artwork Of Jimmy Engineer

Jimmy Engineer
Jimmy Engineer, at right. Abdul Rauf Khan, community organizer, at left.

The Pakistan Consul General Honorable Aqil Nadeem was the chief guest on Saturday – 7th of February, 2009 at a reception at the Shangri-La Art Gallery for Artist of Sub-Continent Jimmy Engineer’s Exhibition.

Born 55 years ago in Loralai Baluchistan, Pakistan, Jimmy Engineer is called the Social Worker and Artist. His famous Art Works include the turmoil that followed the partition of India, architectural beauty pieces present in sub-continent; Uzbekistan; Turkey; elsewhere; Poverty in the World; and so on.

Jimmy’s Art Work is at display at the famous Shangri-La Art Gallery located at 2801 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N. Directions: EZ Tag Building – Southbound on Beltway 8 West between Hammerly and Kempwood (North of I-10). For directions to the Art Gallery, one can also call 832-275-0786. His exhibition runs from the 3rd. of February till the 14th of February, 2009: Timings: Weekdays 11am.-6pm. – Weekends 12-Noon-4pm.

His paintings for peace, tolerance and handicapped children will be on exhibit. He is a peaceful worker for the oppressed, disabled, mentally handicapped and impoverished. He has painted over 2,000 originals and 1,000 calligraphies; over 50,000 prints are in private collections in more than 50 countries.
In 1994, he walked for one year from Karachi to Peshawar, over 4,000-kms., raising funds for Islamic Hospitals for the poor. In 2001, he began a peace walk from Islamabad towards Delhi with the flags of both Pakistan and India stitched to his shirt, at personal danger to his life. This was at the height of the atomic stand-off, and so he could not proceed beyond the Wahgah border. One picture on the invitation shows him at Wahgah shaking hands with the guards. Soon thereafter the tension decreased noticeably.

Your cooperation and support will be deeply appreciated for promoting his exhibition as a venture of a Pakistani artist in the USA. Do not miss this Exhibition.


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