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Iman Academy Islamic Schools Houston Graduates Equipped With Skills Which Are Being Utilized by Fortune 500 Companies: 14th Annual Fundraising Gala

Picture AAI A well-attended 14th Annual Fundraising Gala of Iman Academy Islamic Schools in Houston was held on Sunday, May 9th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. More than $400,000 was raised, as guest speaker Sheikh Abdul Rauf AL Khawasldeh inspired everyone. Despite no proper playing area and other facilities, Iman Academy students have excelled in education as well as extra-curricular activities. Top students were given awards, including: Southwest: Leena AL-Sharouf; Shafiq Gyagenda; Zainab Abidiogun; Alia Duamni; Mariam Mohamed; Asad Hussain; Anim Shoaib; and Zeeshawn Wani – Southeast: Rabia Shaik; Khalid Choucair; Yazeed Radwan; Nuzhat Tasneem; and Sana EL-Bakry.

Later on the Southeast campus hosted Enrollment Day on May 15th from 1-4pm and the Southwest campus did it on May 16th from 2-5pm.

For more information on Iman Academy and/or Open Enrollment, please visit www.imanacademy.org or join Iman Academy’s Facebook group. Iman Academy can also be directly contacted at: 281-498-1345 (Southwest Campus) and/or 713-910-3626 (Southeast Campus).

Iman Academy Combines Secular Education with Islamic Foundation to Provide Unique Opportunity for Muslims in Houston. Muslim parents often struggle with striking a balance between their children’s secular education and religious foundation. In a city as diverse as Houston, Iman Academy stands out as an Islamic school that marries a stellar curriculum with a strong focus on Islam. In fact, Iman Academy is one of the top Islamic schools in Texas, making it a unique opportunity for Muslim residents in Houston.

Iman Academy, a SACS accredited school, was founded in 1996 and combines an Islamic environment with innovative educational methods to nurture noble character, academic excellence and strong leadership skills. Iman Academy’s students have repeatedly demonstrated a strong academic performance at district, state and national level examinations and positive involvement in extra-curricular activities. Iman Academy equips its students with the tools needed for real-world success – many of its graduates have gone on to complete degrees from major universities, join medical school and find careers with fortune 500 companies.

Why consider Iman Academy? Simple – to give your child not only the academic education they need, but also a strong Islamic identity that will serve them well throughout their lives. Iman Academy provides a unique environment for students with a special emphasis on nurturing, caring and teamwork. Specifically, Iman Academy integrates Islam into the curriculum so students learn in the context of Islamic teachings. For example, energy conservation is a topic that is front of mind for everyone these days. However, most students in secular schools will not be exposed to the fact that it’s also an Islamic principle. Iman Academy is proof that Islamic schools are a viable alternative for parents who are seeking high quality education integrated with a strong character development program.
For more information on Iman Academy, please visit www.imanacademy.org or join Iman Academy’s Facebook group. Iman Academy can also be directly contacted at: 281-498-1345 (Southwest Campus) and/or 713-910-3626 (Southeast Campus).


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