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Houstonian Corner (V12-I46)

Voters Pass More Than $1.9 Billion in Bond Referendums in Texas

Texas Construction Bonds

Austin, Texas: More than $1.96 billion in local government bond issues in public school districts, cities, counties and special districts were approved by Texas voters earlier this week. The successful bond issues ranged from a $90 million proposal for transportation-related projects in a large city in Central Texas to millions of dollars worth of school projects in both large and small school districts throughout the state.

Strategic Partnerships, Inc., publisher of the Texas Government Insider, has compiled a comprehensive document that includes a statewide listing of Texas bond elections that passed. The research document lists all upcoming projects that will be announced in the near future. Purchasers of that document will also receive an outline of bond packages under discussion in Texas for May 2011 and beyond. For more information, contact Reagan Weil at (512) 531-3917 or rweil@spartnerships.com.

In a city in the Dallas area, three of six individual bond propositions were passed. Among those approved were $12.2 million for street maintenance, $3.655 million for a new fire station and $5.4 million for renovating, remodeling and acquiring city park facilities.

In a small county east of San Angelo, voters gave their approval of a $1 million bond proposal, with the proceeds of the bond sale to go toward street repairs.

A school district in the Houston area will benefit from passage of a $459.8 million bond referendum that includes up to a dozen new schools and upgrades to facilities and equipment.

Voters in an East Texas community college district approved a $13 million bond election that will construct a new building and provide for additions to others.

A school district in West Texas was successful in steering a $198 million bond issue to passage that will provide for two new schools, safety and security projects and technology upgrades.

These projects are among hundreds that will result because of bond packages that passed Tuesday. Some of the other projects include city community centers, street and drainage improvements, new sewer plants and wastewater system upgrades, HVAC upgrades, new fire stations, police department expansions and new athletic/recreational sports fields. Millions of dollars were approved for new construction, renovations and technology and security upgrades at dozens of Texas public schools.

Book Launching of Hasanae Houston Syed Ayaz Mufti

Houston, Texas: “Rahbar-o-Rahnuma Salal Lahu Aalahe Wassalam” is the name of the most inspiring book of poetry written by Hasanae Houston Syed Ayaz Mufti. Its inauguration ceremony was held at Bar-BQ Tonite this past Friday night in the presence of several esteemed personalities of Houston, like Maulana Zarquani; Maulana Hur Shabbiri; President of the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) Dr. Aziz Siddiqi and many others. Program was very well conducted by famous poet Adeel Zaidi. Special messages of Qari Athar Siddiqui & Arman Rasheed for Syed Ayaz Mufti were read by famous poet Masrur Baraelvi & Hammad Ahmed.

“Rahbar-o-Rahnuma Salal Lahu Aalahe Wassalam” is an inspirational book, containing poetry about the praises of Allah Almighty & prayers towards him, plus of course beautiful poems about the inspiration we can take from the life and examples of Muslims beloved Messenger Mohammad (PBUh): Rahbar-o-Rahnuma means the one who shows and leads us to the right path & that is indeed Messenger Mohammad (PBUh). One of the most inspiring verse of the night was from this book, which says Oh Ayaz What can you really write for the praise of Messenger Mohammad (PBUh), when the whole Quran is full of his admirations.

Everyone present stayed around well into the next morning at 2:00am getting the inspiration from the exquisite presentation by Syed Ayaz Mufti and others including Mohammad Abid, Saqib Aatari and Zia Basit.

Many of Syed Ayaz Mufti’s recitals and his whole book can be downloaded at: www.SyedAyazMufti.Com


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