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Imran Khan Foundation Raises More Than $350,000

In the presence of hundreds of Pakistanis from Texas, Imran Khan of Imran Khan Foundation raised more than $350,000 at the Sugar Land Marriott. Someone during the fundraiser called from North Carolina to pledge $100,000.

Answering to a question from a child, Imran Khan informed: “With these $450,000, Texans from Houston will able to rebuild one complete village including homes, sewerage & water systems, schools, clinics, micro-finance small businesses, and much more.”

Imran Khan said that much more help is needed in months and years to come to rebuild Pakistan in a better and new manner. He said NGOs can work as a pressure group to bring about much needed social, infrastructure, and governance system change, but truly the actual change will be brought about soon in Pakistan through the power and wishes of people of Pakistan via the electoral process.

“I never said we will win any of the world cups I played as cricketer, but firmly said we will win World Cup in Australia and we did. I have never said our Tehreek-e-Insaaf can win elections in Pakistan. But today at this fundraiser I say with much confidence that in the next elections, we are going to win big time. Mark my words. And that is the reason people will see me more involved with the political affairs after this fundraiser, while we have already formed an able overseeing committee and system to look after the works of rehabilitations for the flood victims in Pakistan,” added Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Foundation is registered 501 (c) (3) in USA. More information at: http://imrankhanfoundation.org/

Oath Taking Ceremony of Office Bearers of PAGH Held: Hon. Haqqani Administered the Oath

In an esteemed ceremony held by the Pakistani-American Association of Greater Houston (PAGH) at the Shahnai Reception Hall, Houston, Texas: Tasleem Siddiqui took oath of the office as President of PAGH, amidst thunderous applause of hundreds of Pakistanis, who had gathered to witness this historical event. The oath was administered by His Excellency Husain Haqqani, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the United States of America. During his speech Ambassador Haqqani stressed on the need of unity among Pakistanis living in Houston and condemned the elements, who are creating mischief among the community.

“There is need to change our attitudes, from unfounded allegations and character assassination, to positive outlook; and not make the community weak due to unjustified infighting,” Ambassador Haqqani added.

He further requested Pakistani Americans to help Pakistan during the current crisis of recent floods.

Tasleem Siddiqui also endorsed the ambassador for unifying efforts in our community and appealed the fellow Pakistanis to help PAGH to promote the message of peace and harmony.

Prior to the swearing-in ceremony, PAGH Election Commission Chairperson Shafiq Ahmed, in presence of members of the commission Sahibzada (Monty) Khan, Izhar-ul Haq, and Khalid Manzoor (Saleem Chaudhry was not present); announced that all of the new office bearers have been elected unopposed and they include President of PAGH Tasleem Siddiqui, General Secretary Mian Nazir, and Committee chairpersons Farah Khan & Fahad Sahab.

PAGH past president, Ghulam Bombaywala, spoke of the organization’s goal to unify the Pakistani American community.

“It is not the duty of one person or an organization to represent Pakistan, but each and every one of us should do things to uplift the image of Pakistan,” he said. “Together we should condemn individuals who give community a bad name. So whatever you do make sure you think ‘Pakistan first.’”

Past PAGH president, Khalid Khan thanked the community for its support and for his opportunity to serve. “I am assured and re-assured by your being here that as long as we have your support and trust, no one can harm PAGH,” he said. “I leave with a sense of relief that the new president of PAGH will have the strength of community behind him. For last couple of years PAGH has gone through some tough times, but your suggestions and support has kept us strong. I am sure that the community will stand behind the new leadership and guide them to do a better job.”

The PAGH was founded in 1969 to bring unity among Pakistani Americans, to celebrate the Pakistani heritage and to promote peace among its members. Recently, PAGH assisted Pakistanis affected by the recent flooding by collecting and shipping over 5,000 boxes of clothes medicine and other everyday needed items.

For more information about PAGH, call 713-922-8456.


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