Houstonian Corner (V9-I15)

U.S. Presidential Elections 2008: Issues Forum Comes To Houston

Several candidates have already started to announce their candidacy for the U.S. Presidential Elections of November 2008. There are several crucial issues and problems that the USA is facing today. These constitute one of the critical ever in the history of the United States.

In order to address them, there is a need for the community to understand and learn more about what is affecting our own community, but also learn about the dangers our country USA is facing. For this purpose, attend with your family members, friends & acquaintances, the U.S. Presidential Elections Seminar on Saturday – April 21st – 2007 – 1PM.-3PM. at Shahnai Restaurant – 5920 Hillcroft – Suite “D” – Houston – Texas 77036.

The seminar is being organized by Muslim Media Network, which brings for you all the weekly The Muslim Observer.

Speakers will include Dr. Aslam Abdullah (Editor-In-Chief of the paper and the director of the Islamic Society of Nevada in Las Vegas), Dr. A.S. Nakadar (the CEO and publisher of TMO) and other local speakers to be announced.

Please RSVP to Ilyas Hasan Choudry (cell, 832-275-0786, email houston@muslimobserver.com) or to Shaukat Khan (cell, 832-867-2522).

Mayor White Inaugurates the Model Ibn Sina Foundation Clinic

The mayor of Houston, Bill White, was the guest-of-honor at the initiation ceremony of the Ibn Sina Foundation Community Clinic.

The cost of establishing this modern medical facility was $1.8 million, of which 50% came through a federal grant from the City of Houston Housing and Development Program. The yearly expenditure of the facility is estimated to be $250,000.

This clinic offers everyone therapeutic and laboratory facilities, dental care, eye exams and dedicated program for ailments like diabetes and cardiovascular problems, a huge benefit to the local community.

Mayor White said three years ago that there were zero public clinics, but now we have nine of them in the city and they constitute a very cost effective model to replicate.

Rather than curing diseases, these public clinics provide an ideal location for health maintenance and disease prevention. He said it is an occasion of both rejoicing and learning, as to how to operate a paperless facility, built on the philosophy of preventive medicine.

Mayor White emphasized the major role of forward-looking physicians like the ones at Ibn Sina to be drafting the health policy of the city, state, and country, instead of interest-centric entities.

Dr. Amir Ali, Papotia Chairperson of the Aga Khan Council for the Southwest USA, said that according to the teachings of the Muslim faith and their spiritual leader the Aga Khan, the Ismaeli Muslims have always shown a keen interest in making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we live, and the Ibn Sina Foundation is one of the best role models in that tradition.

The Ibn Sina Foundation’s Nasruddin Rupani said that they are dedicated to making available the highest possible health care to all those who cannot afford care.

About 30% of the Harris County population has no health coverage and present facilities only provide care to about 40% of the uninsured. The Ibn Sina Foundation has two clinics in Houston and Clear Lake, and has treated about 43,000 patients in the last five years.

This year’s target is to meet the needs of about 15,000. A lack of health care facilities for the uninsured or underinsured is as catastrophic as the hurricanes we face in Texas. Future programs of the foundation include preventing Houston Community youths from dropping out of school through the help of the Developmental Center.

City of Houston District “F” Councilman M.J. Khan, reminded everyone of the famous Muslim Physician Ibn Sina, whose main motto was to serve humankind without bias.

Several hundred guests and well-wishers of the Foundation attended this ceremony, including former City Councilwoman and Congresswoman Dr. Shelly Sekula-Gibbs, and the spouse of U.S. Ex-Rep. Tom Delay Ms. Christine Delay.

To use the clinic’s services, please go to the clinic at 11226 South Wilcrest, or call 281-977-7467 for more information.