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“No Conversion In Islam”

Sheikh Mukhtar Muhgraoui & Sheikh Yasir Kazi at the 2nd ICNA-MAS South Central Regional Conference

Memorial Day Weekend is considered the most traveled of the year. Still, this past Sunday, hundreds of families gathered at the university center of the University of Houston for the 2nd ICNA-MAS South Central Regional Conference. Both are leading national Muslim grassroots level organizations: ICNA is the Islamic Circle of North America and MAS is the Muslim American Society.

Attendees had come from New York, Virginia, Baton Rouge, Austin, Dallas, College Station, San Antonio and of course Houston. They went back home charged-up, having received many practical ideas and proactive actions to take the Message of Allah (sw) to the people.

This year’s theme was based on this Aayah (Verse) Number 125 of Quran, which is in Chapter 16: “Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: For thy Lord knoweth best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.”

Other than speeches and an extensive Muslim vendors Bazaar, the Conference also featured the largest Qur`an and Science Exhibition of Harun Yahya, which

included actual fossils found across the globe that prove the existence of one Lord of the whole universe Allah SWT and refutes the theory of evolution.

Some of the topics that were presented included: What makes Islam the most growing religion in the World; America is Waiting; Way of your Lord – Judiciousness in Dawah; Minorities: Their Rights in an Islamic State; Let us be Ready; Islam: Role of Masajid in Dawah; Best Resources are right within us; Milestones in giving Dawah from Prophetic Methodology; Let’s not forget our limits; Youth: Their Role in the past & Present of Islam; Dawah: Do’s Don’ts; Exclusive Session for Ladies, and others.

The program started with a heart-wrenching recitation of Qur`an by Dr. Mohammad Yunus, a Former President (Ameer) of ICNA and a heart physician. Then the present ameer of ICNA, Dr. Khurshid Khan, welcomed the guest, introduced the conference and the national and international programs of ICNA.

Throughout the day, the Muslims were reminded of this duty as given in Surah 3 Aayah 104: “Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity.”

During these days when Islam is much in focus, the behavior of each Muslim is considered by observers as conduct prescribed in Islam. As such, there is a need for each Muslim to have basic knowledge of Islam to practice it properly and become an ambassador of Islam. As such, there is need for more Muslims to join the group of people involved in dawah. The importance of jammah (organized dawah effort) was emphasized through `ahadith as well.

ICNA programs presented for people to become members physically, time-wise and resources-wise. For more info, people were asked to as well visit www.icna.org.

It was stressed that nobody is converted to Islam: All humans were once spirits and indeed before coming to this life in the form of flesh, they had said to Allah (swt) that they would submit to His Will: But when they came to this world, they forgot that pledge and the job of Muslims is just to remind the humanity of that promise. The job of a Muslim is not to convert anyone to Islam, rather it is to have them revert back to Islam: the idea is to convey the message, and the rest is between that person and Allah (swt). It is only Allah (swt), Who, based on the sincere desire of a person, changes his or her heart and has them accept Islam.

Many prominent speakers spoke at the event including Dr. Khurshid Khan (Ameer of ICNA), Dr. Hamed Ghazali, Sheikh Abdool Rahman Khan, Naeem Baig, Sheikh Mukhtar Muhgraoui, Sheikh Yasir Kazi, Sheikh Khalid Griggs, Sheikh Moustafa Mahmoud, Sheikh, Zoubir Bouchikhi, Dr. Muhammas Yunus, Sheikh Rodwan Saleh, Sister Jameela Yusuf, Sabeel Ahmad, Omar Suleiman, Alejandro Hamid, Samid AL-Khateeb and Yahya Gant.

About 25 businesses had stalls selling their Islamic and Muslim merchandise to the participants. Tickets were sold at the registration desk for the spicy food of South-Asian taste by Bhijan Restaurant of Southeast Houston.

For more information about ICNA activities, please call 1-866-323-1063.


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