Houstonian Corner Vol 8 Iss 36

Muslim Matters

Houstonian Corner Vol 8 Iss 36

By Ilyas Choudry

Candidate Chad Khan: No Need for Texas House Bill 3

“My campaign issues are what real people face every day: supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses—expanding the coverage of healthcare—improving public education.” These were the words of this candidate for the Texas House’s district 146, as he hosted the Seminar titled “Effects of Texas House Bill 3 on Small Businesses.” Paul Colbert, who was appointed to Governor Rick Perry’s bipartisan commission but who opposed House Bill 3 which enacted this business tax, came to inform the Seminar Participants about the effects of this new tax.

Candidate Khan explained further that “this tax will adversely affect many businesses, especially the thousands of ‘mom and pop’ businesses that are the bread and butter of our economy. It will affect our bottom line, since all the small businesses are already struggling with higher energy prices, higher costs of goods, and a higher cost of living.”

For more information on Texas House District 146 and issues facing our communities, visit the website www.vote4khan.com

The TiE Houston Mentoring Roundtable Series Starts With “Building a Sales Engine”

All the Businesses in the Community Should Avail This Mentorship Opportunity

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE—www.TiEHouston.org), an organization whose motto is “Focusing on entrepreneurship through networking and mentoring,” has started to organize a business mentoring roundtable series on “Building a Sales Engine.” The first session on August 11, 2006 was about “Complex & Large Sales,” and was presented by Ravi Kathuria, the founder and president of Effective Execution, Inc. (www.EffectiveExecution.com), a management consulting firm. Ravi’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-size businesses.

Mr. Kathuria surprised everybody when he said that there is a difference between marketing and sales and that even several Fortune 500 Companies neglect this aspect, which results in bad marketing and poor sales. This was the main highlight of the first session on Complex/Large Sales and it can be well understood by this comment of Richard Saxon, charter member of TiE Houston and president of the Saxon Financial Group: “Separating … marketing and sales process was extremely insightful.”

The aim of these seminars is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs establish a consistent and automated engine for generating sales. Each session of the series will focus on different topics subjects such as—The Key Ingredients for a Complex/Large Sales, The Sales Process, Selecting Sales Metrics and The Sales Organization. Tara Energy and Phillips & Reiter, PLLC are sponsoring these mentoring sessions.

“The lively discussion and differentiation between relationship building and selling alone was worth the price of admission”: Ajay Khater, President of Inqpro. “[This was a] great value for current entrepreneurs, who either have sales organizations or want to build a successful sales organization,” said Hari Krishna, the president BizTech solutions.

Ravi Kathuria will continue to lead this series—the series will continue in September.

For more information, visit www.TiEHouston.org.


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