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Houstonian Corner, Vol. 8 Iss. 43

ICNA Houston Involved in Human Services & Islamic Teaching Projects

Historic Acceptance of Islam by a Lady Live On ICNA / WhyIslam TV Program

The Houston chapter of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) held a disciplined Ramadan Dinner at the Savoy Banquet Hall. Funds were raised for the different programs of ICNA, which includes Assistance for Needy Programs of ICNA Relief in USA, Propagation of the Message of Islam via billboards of www.WhyIslam.Org, Islamic learning and teaching radio and TV programs in Houston, and many other worthwhile projects.

Dr. Khalid Zabeehullah conducted the program. The keynote speakers were Imam Qasim, Imam Naseem and Hanif Harris President ICNA Houston. Chad Khan, the Democratic candidate for the Texas legislature’s District 126 attended the function. The heads of different organizations were present, including Sheikh Rodwan Saleh (ISGH), Dr. Tarek Hussein (CAIR), Sheikh Hesham Ebeid (MAS), Ghulam Bombaywala (PAGH) and others. Video presentations were made about various programs of ICNA.

ICNA plans to place at least one billboard for about $30,000 per year in the Houston region under their www.WhyIslam.Org program. The idea is for people to look at the billboard on Islam and then visit the website or call the toll-free number on the billboard to get more information on Islam. Such billboards in the past in the Houston region and other metropolitan areas of the USA have been very successful, by the grace of God.

In the Houston region, ICNA does an hourly radio program called “The Elements of Faith” every Sunday 4:00PM. (US Central Time) on Houston Radio Frequency AM1560, which can also be heard live worldwide at www.kile1560.com. The cost of the program is about $13,000 per year.

For about $3,000 per year, ICNA Houston produces TV programs in English and Spanish languages. At one of the recent programs, in October of 2006, a sister reverted to Islam by taking shahadah live on the TV program of WhyIslam called the Islamic Perspective. This may never have happened before in history, especially in North America. All the archived TV and radio programs can be viewed and heard at: http://www.whyislam-tx.org/audiovideo.htm

ICNA Relief has created an idea called “UMMAH (United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness)”. The goal of UMMAH is to raise a community committed to reclaiming their rightful place of responsibility in society, while striving to uplift themselves and their communities in which they live.

The intent is to fight against human suffering by assisting individuals in achieving basic needs that all human beings are entitled to: food, clothing and shelter.

The objectives of this program are: to feed the homeless population–counseling–financial assistance–prison, hospital and shelter visits.

All the donations for these worthwhile projects will be welcomed with appreciation and prayers at: Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) – P.O. Box 572181 – Houston – Texas 77257 – Phone: 281-235-0063 – E-Mail: whyislam@sbcglobal.net – Web-Page: www.whyislam-tx.org

Houston Grand Imam & Scholar Sheikh Mohamed Khalil Passes Away

It was announced on October 12th, 2006, that Houston Grand Imam and Islamic Scholar Sheikh Mohamed Rashad Khalil had died earlier that morning in peace at his home in Sugarland, Texas. He is survived by his wife, son and two daughters. Funeral services were held at Masjid Abu Baker Assideeq (ISGH Southeast Zone) attended by several hundred Muslims; this was followed by burial at the Forest Lawn Cemetery, 8701 Almeda Genoa Road in Houston.

Sheikh Rashad was a pillar of the Houston Community being involved in all facets of Islamic work both at the local and national level. He served as ISGH Main Center Imam, President of the National Muslim American Society, Founder of the Islamic Dawah Center, Founding member of the Islamic American University and a Founding member of Iman Academy.

For more information call Amjad Muhtaseb at 713-884-5518 or by E-Mail: amjadm2@swbell.net – www.mashouston.org


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    hello. i have wanted to say please search about shiite and imam Ali he was a great man in history too and was married with Mohammad’s (s) daughter imam Ali was oppressed in his age.you just search about Sunnite please investigate about Imam Ali and Shiite. thank you

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