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Houstonian Corner, Vol. 8 Iss. 46

Muslim Youth Met With Nick Lampson At Salahuddin Imaduddin Home

Young Muslims of the Greater Houston Region met with Nick Lampson at the home of the young community activist Mohammad Salahuddin Imaduddin. The program was organized by young Muslims for young Muslims. Other coordinators of the program were Sahar Wali and Sabrina Siddiqui. Over pizza, the youth openly expressed their sentiments about the Patriot Act, immigration, racial profiling, the war on terror, economic opportunities and so on.

Imaduddin told TMO: “In the 9/11world Muslim Americans have experienced turbulent times. In order for us to be effective in bringing about change we must take an active interest in the institutions that shape our nation and make sure our voice is heard. One way to insure that we have a strong voice is by supporting the election of candidates who support our community and our causes. Congressman Nick Lampson is a friend and ally to the Muslim Community. Inviting Congressman Nick Lampson to my home gives a unique opportunity to engage with and show support for him. Those who have taken the opportunity to dialogue one-on-one with the Congressman about the issues and questions that concern them are the future leaders of our community.”

Congressman Nick Lampson (D) expressed his pleasure to have met the youth of the Muslim community. He said he is very confident of winning, and said that during these crucial times for the nation and Texas District 22, an experienced person like himself is needed as congressman rather than his rookie opponent from the Republican Party, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs.

He said once he will win, Amjad Muhtaseb of the Muslim American Society (MAS) Foundation has agreed to work with him to formulate specific legislation for the community.

For more on Muslim youth political and social activism, contact Mohammad Salahuddin Imaduddin at 713-679-9652 or E-Mail: MSalahuddin77@HotMail.Com

Major Islamic Conference Comes To Houston On Thanksgiving Weekend

The Muslim American Society (MAS), together with the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), brings the Third Annual MAS-ICNA South Regional Annual Conference in Houston. It is happening between November 23rd and 25th, 2006 at the Grand Plaza Hotel across from the Reliant Center at 8686 Kirby at IH610.

The theme of the conference is: “Restructuring the Mind & Enlightening the Heart.” It is characterized by the wise understanding of Islam and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s).

Allah taught us in the Quran that He sent to us His Prophet (s) to teach us the book and the wisdom. This means that Islam is built on wisdom and all the deeds of Prophet
Muhammad (s), are built on wisdom. If we miss this wisdom, then we are missing a major part of the teachings of Islam or are taking the surface without realizing the beauty of the inside.

Among the major goals of the convention is to let Muslims see this wisdom and live their lives according to it. Organizers will have to show the information and practices Muslims have in such a way that lets them see the wisdom behind every act and belief. The information is there; we just have to restructure and reorganize ourselves to live according to it.

At the same time, we want our convention to consider the time we are living in and the reality of Muslims in the United States. We are living in 2006, which is different in many ways than the lives of earlier Muslims. In addition, we want to reach the hearts of Muslims and let them realize that a sincere heart, a heart that forgives and is able to forgive, a heart that is transparent and pure, is the key to success.

There will be parallel programs so all can attend: adults, young professionals, college students, high school youth, scouts and children.

For more information, visit www.mashouston.org.

Worried Republicans in Houston Region Called Upon Bush
[Written before election]

Out of the twenty-five to thirty-two seats Republicans expect to loose in the House of Representatives Elections 2006, one of them belonged to Tom DeLay in Texas District 22. Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (R) is trying to replace him and facing uphill task to defeat Democratic Party Nominee Congressman Nick Lampson (D).

As such they invited President Bush to one of their rallies in Fort Bend County, Texas. Bush asked that since most voters won’t really need a pencil to cast write-in votes because they’ll use electronic voting machines, so they should write in the City of Houston Councilwoman by dialing her 18-letter name a character at a time.

Some protesters walked along State Highway Texas 6 near the airport, carrying signs against Bush’s policies on the War in Iraq.

Nick Lampson (D) kept a low profile on Bush’s visit day, meeting privately with donors and greeting voters attending an evening party at a cousin’s house in Pearland Texas.

Outside of Texas, voter dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq and other issues has reduced the president’s value as a campaign asset for congressional Republicans. Many are distancing themselves from the White House and Bush’s agenda, especially on Iraq and (in a Texas electorate largely opposed to his strident anti-immigrant and some would say anti-Latino policies) immigration.


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