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ICNA Relief Working to Bring Reprieve to Nashville Flood Victims

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The Islamic Circle of North America Relief (ICNA Relief) has joined hands with other faith based (Christian and Jewish) organizations and local Masajids to help the people affected by the flooding in Nashville, Tennessee.

“In a matter of 30 minutes, everything you worked for, everything you thought was valuable, it all looks like trash” Mayor Karl Dean estimates the damage from weekend flooding could easily top $1 billion in Nashville alone.

Many of the families affected by this flood are Somali and Kurdish Muslim families, who are still struggling to stand on their own feet after this devastating blow to their households. All three Masajids and the community’s Islamic School were also badly hit.

ICNA Relief has started the flood cleanup project in full swing. More volunteers needed, including professionals like doctors, nurses, etc. They can come from anywhere in USA and can sign up at www.icnarelief.org

Picture AAO On Monday June 7th, 2010, a special event took place, where free medical services were provided. Also food and other daily need supplies were distributed at a flood affected apartment complex. In addition to regular cleanup/debris removal activity was done.  Islamic Center of Nashville and Masjid Salahuddin were the key resources facilitating this effort.

ICNA Relief is appealing to the Muslim Community and all people of conscience, to come forward and donate generously, so that this volunteer work continues. For this tax-deductible donations can be mailed to: ICNA Relief USA, 87-91 144th Street, Jamaica, NY 11435; or donate on-line at: http://icnarelief.org

International Press Club of Texas will bring Voice & Strength of Diversity to the Media: Tariq Nehal Khan

“I have been proposing for a long time this idea of Asian and/or International Press Club. I applaud Wae Klee of Southern News Group and John Robbins of Southern Chinese Daily for taking up the initiative in arranging this pioneering meeting for the formation of Non-Profit International Press Club of Texas.”

These were the enthusiastic words of Founder and Publisher of Pakistan Chronicle and Pakistan Journal Newspapers at the home of Wae H. Lee, Chairman of Southern News Group, Houston, Texas, as Mr. Lee announced the creation of the International Press Club of Texas. On that occasion, founding publishers of more than twelve leading Asian and African newspapers and newswires joined hands with ITV International Television, Digital Channel 55.5 and the International Trade Center, to form this new professional media organization, so as to connect Texas economies to the world markets, by providing a one stop location to advertise & market the products; for not only businesses, but also community outreach people like politicians, humanitarian workers, and so on.

In his remarks, Mr. Lee said: “Although technology has now connected the entire world, citizens still need to access to accurate news from dependable sources. The International Press Club of Texas will be a platform for sharing this information from multiple news organizations.”

The International Press Club of Texas will also support and recognize journalism education in the Greater Houston area and around the State, as well as publish a newsletter that will highlight the contribution of Texas journalists working on assignment all over the world. Reciprocal membership arrangements with other press clubs all over the world are being planned.

For additional information about International Press Club, one can contact Director of the Club John Robbins at 832-448-0193.


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