HR Shaikh Seyar CPA Holds Large Banquet

Community business leader and activist Haroon Shaikh started his CPA firm with 200-Ft.2 some 25 years ago and now is rated among the top 25 companies of Houston. The firm’s name is H. R Shaikh Seyar LLP., which has offices in Houston, Dallas and Atlanta with over 50 professional staff members.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, an annual dinner was held at a local five-star hotel in Houston.

H.R Shaikh Seyar staff members and their families greeted all the incoming friends, clients, well-wishers and guests. Among them were the mayor of Sugar Land, David Wallace, the Consul General of Pakistan Mohammad Aqil Nadeem, and City Councilman M.J. Khan. All speakers spoke highly of H.R. Shaikh’s leadership qualities, his involvement in social and community related projects and his professional achievements.

Mayor Wallace praised the Pakistani community and used the word “brilliance” in describing the community. He presented a special proclamation from the City of Sugar Land to Haroon Shaikh and Farrukh Seyar. The same was done by M.J. Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, Farrukh Seyar appreciated the dedication of his mentor Haroon Shaikh and described him as a true leader, since he brought considerable and recognizable change in the lives of the people around him. Other principals Hamid Farooqi, Sohail Ali and Mohammad Rashid Yousuf also spoke on the occasion.

Some of the younger staff members created comedy skits, where they showed the demeanor of the principals of the company in the office. This was very much appreciated and showed the family kind of relationship between the bosses and staff members.

Several staff members of H.R. Shaikh were presented awards in recognition of their performance, dedication and hard work.

H. R Shaikh Seyar LLP. can be reached at: 9494 Southwest Freeway, Suite 500, Houston, Texas 77074, 713.328.4000.


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