IAGD Children’s Event: Friendship

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IAGD Children’s Event: Friendship

By Adil James, TMO

IAGD had a very nice event this past weekend which hosted approximately 50 people, and a full time teacher from a Muslim school engaged with the children on issues such as choosing real friends, the deep impact on one’s life from having either good or bad friends, the influence on the afterlife of having good or bad friends.  The speaker talked in detail about Qur`anic ayahs that consider friendship, exploring different terms for friendship used by Allah in Qur`an and by Prophet (s) in the ahadith, for example Prophet’s (s) statement that if did not already have Allah as his khaleel, he would have had Sayyidina Abu Bakr as-Siddiq as his khaleel.

The speaker discussed Prophet’s (s) sense of humor, giving examples of how he joked with people and made them laugh (but he joked without lying).

The entire audience was completely engaged by the speaker, and he taught valuable information.


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