ICD Quran Night

By Noor Salem, TMO


Little Abdulrahman running to the microphone to recite.

As weekly, hundreds of community members far and close gathered at the ICD for an event Friday night. Instead of an outdoor barbeque though, the evening was spent in recitation of the beautiful Quran from both famous imams, and young ones in the community. They began at 7pm with 5 year old Abdulrahman who ran to the microphone to recite. Next two young boys of the community who memorized the Quran entirely recited beautifully. Sheikh Hassan Al-Raee, Ghassan Abu Khadra, Ahmed Mabrok, and Raid Al-Rosan were the main reciters from out of state. Each took about fifteen minutes and recited different passages of the Quran in a heart trembling tone.

With Ramadan just around the corner, it was a wonderful spiritual preparation. 


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