III. Conclusion: Persian Gulf and South Asia (PGSAS) Theaters

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III. Conclusion: Persian Gulf and South Asia (PGSAS) Theaters

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

Claremont (Calif.)–In examining the variables within the Iranian and Israeli states, we find a number of frightening aspects and actors. 

Not only are the aforementioned participants enumerated, but the United States and France along with the other members of NATO as well as Pakistan; and thereby India is crucial to the current Persian Gulf crisis.  This is thrusting Islamic South Asia and the primarily Islamic Middle East into a common “new” geopolitical area (PGSAS).  

Your essayist’s thesis is whichever way Islamabad reacts will be critical to resolving the conflict in the Middle East. The most recent official Governmental statement from Pakistan is that Pakistan’s interest’s lies within Iran’s mineral wealth for the power to develop the former’s terrain.  On the other hand, there is a fear in the Sunni Islamic Republic that a fully weaponized Shia Islamic Republic would become a strategic competitor to Rawalpindi.

Of course, India finds herself to be between a “rock and a hard place” in that New Delhi is a nominal ally of both Israel (strategically anti-Islamic) and Iran (who supplies a large part of its oil from the Persians).  For Pakistan to come to the assistance of — at the worse (a nuclear attack) — she must have the re-assurance from Bharat that she would not attack her traditional enemy (Pakistan).   Interestingly, their mutual (New Delhi and Islamabad) self-interests are beginning to coalesce over the Persian Gulf.

Not only the vital question proposed for this paper but other bi-lateral issues – especially on Kashmir — were discussed by Pakistan’s leader Zardari with his counterparts in New Delhi within the previous fortnight.  In an e-mail from a foreign affairs advisor to New Delhi, it was intimated to your interpreter that the Persian Gulf was on the table for discussion, and your researcher is attempting to confirm this.

So, we can see there is a flurry of activity by not only the Imperial perpetrators, but the regional participants — such as Turkey also – to prevent the unthinkable descending upon Islamic entities and peoples with the PGSAS!


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