IIK – Young Ladies Guidance Class (press release)

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IIK – Young Ladies Guidance Class (press release)

The Young Ladies Guidance Class has been in existing at the Islamic Institute of Knowledge for 3 consecutive years. Since it’s initiation under the direction of Imam Abdul-Latif Berry, the class has flourished to teaching around 100 young ladies of our community religion, morals and ethics, culture and diversity and mainly an overall understanding and perspective of the teaching of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (s) and Ahul al Bayt (a.s.). The unique class encompasses all the necessary educational,ethical, spiritual, and religious tools our Muslim young ladies must attain to become leaders of our society.

Along with Imam Abdul-Latif Berry, Hajja Khalida Beydoun-Hachem utilize this class to both embrace and educate the young ladies ranging from 10 years to 18 years of age. Along with the core Islamic teaching, values, and teachings, this educational and inspiring class also has round table discussions with Imam Abdul-Latif. Moreover, the class also consists of current events that arise within our community and abroad as well in which the young ladies discuss these crucial issuse with Imam Abdul-Latif and Hajja Khalida.

Along with the invigorating topics that are taught by Imam Abdul-Latif Berry, the class offers both educational and recreational trips and events within the scope of Islam.

With the collaboration of Imam Abdul-Latif Berry and Hajja Khalida Beydoun-Hachem, this exceptional class has offered the young ladies first of it’s kind all girls camping trips, first of it’s kind an all girls swimming program within the community, educational trips with various universities, recreational field trips such as canoeing , leadership programs such as allowing our students to set up events such as The Holy Prophets Birthday (pbuh) dinner, various Mawalids, volunteer work within the IIK and other community oganizations, and a various of other trips and events. Lastly, holding and participating in major events in the Holy month of Ramadan, Ashoura, and all the Islamic holidays within the year.

Imam Abdul-Latif Berry and Hajja Khalida have captured the essence of Islam and it’s teachings with this outstanding class that has inspired the young ladies to practice their religion in a tedious manner in which they now are becoming the teachers of our future generation as our mothers, wives, sisters, teachers, and most importantly the voices of our Muslim ummah within the United States and even abroad.

The class is now in session every Friday from 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the IIK.

If you would like more information or to register for this unique and educational class, please call Hajja Khalida Beydoun-Hachem at either (313) 529-0247 or (313) 584-2570. This class is free of charge.

Hajja Khalida Beydoun


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