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Imagine Just This Once

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor in Chief

Imagine just for one Ramadan and one Eid ul Adha if we do this:

Imagine if Muslim Americans, yes Muslim Americans only, decide to do the following, how much change can be introduced in the world. Yes, change, that has become so elusive to Muslims, can come to us through our own efforts. This does not even need the resources of the rich Gulf and the wealthy people.


1. If all the Muslim relief agencies in the US pool their resources at one place;
2. If all those who are spending on lavish iftar parties in masajid and homes donate those resources to the relief agencies;
3. If all of us observe this month with simplicity, trying to emulate our Prophet (s) in consuming food and donate whatever we save to relief agencies;
4. If all of us pool our zakat at one place rather than giving it individually to whomsoever we deem deserving;
5. If all of us give the equivalent to what we spend on Eid ul Fitr gifts to our relief agencies;
6. If the money that is spent on buying animals for ‘Eid ul Adha is donated to relief groups;

And imagine:

7. If we can control our spending habits during these festivals by not spending the money on Six Flags Mountain trips or Disney World, just for one Ramadan… This is what can be achieved.

a. Safe and clean drinking water in those areas where water is not easily available
b. a school for children within walking distance of their homes
c. a book, pen and notebook to every child
d. a decent full meal every day to every child
e. a small dispensary to every village
d. a small vocational center to every town 
e. a university to every country, and much more;

but this will not happen with the current thinking among Muslims because:

1. Each organization is concerned about its organizational goals regardless of the outcome;
2. Each organization considers itself better than others,
3. There is no sense of urgency to the problems of people;
4. There is no proper planning and coordination,
5. There is no serious leadership among Muslims who can prepare them for this task;
6. There are no proper channels of communication among Muslims to prepare them for this role.

Thus resources will be collected, people will give, but the impact will not be as it could have been. And so, things will not change and we may end by blaming each other and various conspiracies for our ills. Someone rightly said: Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Let us have a sumptuous iftar meal and pray to Allah to help the Muslim umma to come out of its ills.


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