Imam Qazwini of ICA Hosts Interfaith Iftar

By Our Special Correspondent

Dearborn–September 20–Imam Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America hosted a large and well-attended intra- and interfaith gala iftar this past Thursday.

Present were several prominent people from the local community, including Imam Qazwini himself, the Rev. Bill Gephord and Rabbi Conrad, who in coordination with Imam Mardini did the invocation for the occasion. The benediction for the event was done by the bishop representing the archdiocese of Detroit.

Chuck Alawan, the older brother of the prominent Muslim speaker Eide Alawan, spoke at the event. Many interfaith leaders were present including from the Michigan Round Table and Interfaith Partners, UM-Dearborn officials, Dearborn Mayor O’Reilly, and Debbie Dingell and County Executive Ficano.

Over 200 people attended the event, according to Mr. Ghalib Begg, another prominent Muslim speaker who is deeply involved with interfaith work. The visiting participants of an interfaith conference headed by Rev. Shanta Parmaverdhan, Head of the National Council of Churches in America, were also present, and also many Christian leaders from other states.

According to the true spirit of Islam, this was an interfaith iftar under the leadership of Imam Qazwini, during which he recognized Jewish and Christian students who had fasted with the Muslims during this day of Ramadan.

Imam Qazwini said “God for for Muslims Jews and Christians is the same–the unity of God is in all religions.” He emphasized also the verse from Qur`an that if a person kills one other person it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity.

He argued that it is very unfortunate that people in the mainstream American media post articles and other pieces that make Muslims look bad, and said that this is reason for us to reach out to different media groups to establish with them that we are brothers in faith and humanity.

It was a very festive occasion with people across many faith groups and with excellent food and engaging guests, beneficial and well-enjoyed by all.


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