Imam Yahya Hendi Honored by FBI

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Imam Yahya Hendi Honored by FBI


FREDERICK, MD–Imam Yahya Hendi, prominent interfaith activist and head of the Islamic Society of Frederick, is being honored by the Baltimore field office of the FBI for fighting terrorism, drugs and violence in America. NBC news reported that he will be recognized as the Community Leader of the Year.

For past seven years his organization has been helping to increase awareness about Muslims and fight terrorism.

Reacting to the news Hendi said, “For me the award is about the people of Maryland, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, people of faith, people of no faith who have tried in the aftermath of September 11th to reach out to our law enforcement agencies to say, ‘What can we do to help America?’”

Hendi “frequently visits and lectures at churches and synagogues hoping to create a positive relationship,” the statement read. “In his lectures, Imam Hendi focuses on issues related to gender relations, world peace, political justice and inter-religious and inter-faith issues.”

Hendi “believes that only with love and education can the world be a better place to live in,” the FBI’s Baltimore Field Office said.

Imam Hendi also serves as the Muslim chaplain at Georgetown University.


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