In God We Trust

By Akhtar H. Emon

Americans who believe in God, are quite familiar with the term “In God we trust” printed on the U.S Dollar Bills. The Dutch have a similar term “God is with us” (God zij met ons). This is now printed on the Dutch version of the Euro coins.

Brazilian paper money has “God be praised” (Deus seja louvado). British coins contain a phrase D.G. REG. F.D. This abbreviated Latin phrase means “by Grace of God.”

Many Agnostics and Atheists are offended by these mottos. But in spite of their repeated lawsuits, the courts have found them to be constitutional, since they do not endorse any particular religion, nor violate the principle of separation of church and state.

However, the belief, trust, and strong faith in God helps the believers by affecting their lives, their personality, and behavior. It gives them these four virtues:

1. Dignity and Self-Esteem: A believer in God knows that God alone is the possessor of all power and none besides Him can benefit or harm a person. God provides for his needs, gives or takes away life, and weilds authority and influence. This makes a person independent of other humans and thus highly dignified.

Such a person would not disgrace himself or herself by bowing in homage to any other creature.

Such a person is not overawed by any other person’s greatness. He has great determination, patience, and perseverance. He is unshaken by any difficulty. He relies on God and places his trust only in God.

2. Modesty and Humbleness: A believer in God knows that God is the ultimate power and only God controls everything. Whatever one has is given by God. God can take away just as He can give.

He knows whatever happens in this world, big or small, good or evil, health or sickness, everything happens by the will of God.

Also a believer in God can not be arrogant and self conceited because he believes that his merits and achievements are a gift from God.

3. Morality, Tolerance and Open-Mindedness: The believers in God follow the standards which come from one and the same authority. They do not have double or multiple standards. There is only one Lord and the Lord treats all people equally. The rules of God are universal and they are applicable to all people in all places. This makes a person open-minded, tolerant and caring – It leaves no room for intolerance. His sympathy, love and service are not confined to any particular hemisphere or group. His trust in God enlarges his vision. His outlook becomes as boundless as the Kingdom of God.

4. Ultimate Peace and Contentment: The belief in God helps purge the mind of jealousy, envy, and greed. It takes away the temptation of resorting to base and unfair means for achieving success. The believer has faith that everything is in the hand of God. Honor, power, reputation, authority, and all things are under His control and He gives to whomsoever He wills.

If all the creation desires to benefit one person in anything, they can never benefit him, but that which God has decreed for him. If they all unite to harm him, they will not be able to harm him in anything, but that which God has decreed for him.

Akhtar H. Emon; President, Arabic Language Institute Foundation (ALIF), 6631 El Rodeo Rd. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275;

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