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In Support of Rick Snyder

By Muslim Snyder Campaign Volunteer

May and June 012 - 2010 For the first time, Michigan Muslims are active in the upcoming primary elections to be held Tuesday, August 3.  This is a great opportunity to impact the political landscape. Michigan Muslims should not allow their choice of political candidates to be selected by others.  Voting in the primary election assures Michigan Muslims that friendly candidates will appear on the November general election. 

Getting active in the primary election will ensure that Michigan Muslims have a “halal no bacon” candidate pool to select from in the general election in November
Moreover, Michigan Muslims are fortunate on two fronts in the upcoming Primary Elections. 

One, Michigan is an open primary state.  This means that no political party affiliation is required.  Michigan voters may select either Democratic or Republican candidates in the primary election, however, no cross voting is permitted.  In the November 2, 2010 general elections, voters may cross over and vote for any mix of candidates including Democrat, Republican, other party or independent.

The second fortunate situation for Michigan Muslims is there is an ideal gubernatorial candidate that serves Michigan best interests and understands the Muslim community — Rick Synder, “the tough nerd.”

Rick Snyder is ex-Chairman/CEO of Gateway Computers.  He took it from a small company in 1991 (less than 800 employees) to a Fortune 500 (10,000+ employees in 1997). Like most of us, he is a self made person.  Rick grew up in a working class section of Battle Creek in a 900 sq. ft home, but by age 23, he graduated from U-M with 3 degrees (BA, JD and MBA). 

__1200_05 Rick Snyder is the co-founder of Ann Arbor SPARK, a very successful business accelerator, incubator, and networking organization that he wants to use as a model for the State.  Rick Snyder wants to increase incentives for legal immigration, as he believes legal immigrants will boost the economy and create jobs.

Rick does not want to apply a band-aid to Michigan’s problems.  Instead he wants to bring real world business experience to Lansing.  He is the only candidate (both Democrat and Republican) refusing to accept contributions from special interest groups.  No unions, no PACs.

For the upcoming gubernatorial primary election, Michigan Muslims must employ a voting strategy as both Michiganders and Muslims.  Most of us came to Michigan because of its robust economy.  We raised families in Michigan, established roots and laid the foundation for a dynamic Muslim community.  If Michigan’s economy does not thrive then our children will leave Michigan and thus leave behind our mosques and schools. 

Creating more and better jobs is the number one issue for Rick. Michigan needs businesses to start, grow and flourish in order to be a great state again. Rick will make that happen.

Michigan Muslims have a chance on Tuesday, August 3 to decide the political menu.  Voting for the best candidate who happens to be a moderate Republican is the best choice and best strategy.

On the Democratic side, most agree that either candidate will be friendly to the Muslim community.  Unfortunately the polls show any that Democratic candidate loses to any Republican candidate in the general Michigan election on November 2, 2010. Michigan Muslims should be on the winning side and vote for Rick Snyder.

Therefore, should we vote for a friendly Democratic Party nominee, who will likely lose in the November elections, or should they vote for the best moderate Republican candidate who is a job creator?

Vote Rick Synder in the August 3 Primary election.


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  1. Farhan

    August 1, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    As salaam alaikum.

    Polls forecasting the November election in August are essentially meaningless. The field has not yet been narrowed to two, and the dynamics of the race will be very different depending on who wins the primaries in each party. Moreover, there haven’t been any head-to-head Democrat vs. Republican polls in weeks because all the polling has been centered around who is going to win the Democratic and Republican primaries.

    This is a wide open race. Michigan has more Democrats than Republicans. The Obama Administration needs Michigan in order to ensure re-election in 2012. You can bet that the Democratic Governors Association and other national Democratic groups will be pouring money into Michigan to help keep Michigan in the “blue” column.

    Any person suggesting that the Democrats can’t win this year has no ground to stand on. A strong Democratic nominee (i.e. Virg Bernero) can competitively take on any of the Republican candidates. Need I remind you that two months ago, before voters were paying attention to this race, Bernero was down 20% in the polls. Now we are up 10%. And even back then, Bernero was within a few points of the Republican candidates for governor. Now that the race is starting to take shape, the dynamic of the race will change significantly.

    Once the Democratic nominee and Republican nominee turn their attention to each other, and once voters do the same, then and only then will the head-to-head, Democrat vs. Republican polls actually have any significance whatsoever.

    We accept a completely defeatist attitude if we say, as the FEW Muslim Snyder backers imply, that “Well, we might as well support a Republican candidate who we can tolerate instead of a Democratic candidate who has been in our camp for over a decade and who fights for the things we fight for but who can’t win.” That is utter nonsense. You better believe that Virg Bernero can win. That’s why the Republicans have been attacking us (and not Dillon) vis-a-vis commercials since the spring. The Republicans do NOT want to run against Virg Bernero.

    Please cast your ballot for VIRG BERNERO on Tuesday, the only candidate in this race who has been there time and again with our community, even when it wasn’t an election year — and the only candidate in this race who has a proven track record of job creation and economic development as an elected official.

    Farhan Bhatti
    Deputy Campaign Manager
    Virg Bernero for Michigan
    (248) 819-1024

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