In Your Court, the Peoples’ Court

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah

In an article that appeared on, I together with two other Muslims were maligned by an author who did not even disclose his name. In the article he quoted Steve Emerson, a well-known so-called expert on Islam who initially blamed Muslims for the Oklahoma bombing in 1994 to make the point that “the record of Aslam Abdullah’s comments during the past few years demonstrates an ideology of militant Islamic extremism.”

The website is run by those who are close to Zionism and Zionist Christians.

It is run by those who appear to be disturbed by the presence of Muslims in any national forum. Their main objection was that the so-called radical Muslims were asking questions pertaining to racial or religious profiles during the presidential debate. These questions, according to them, are “planted questions that promote the agenda of radical Islam.”

What were the questions asked by three Muslims during the recent Republican or Democratic debates?

How long will Americans be subject to racial profiling? What will be done to promote better relations between the US and the Muslim world? During the last 7 years, millions of Americans have become subject to checks at airport. Some 99 percent of them happen to be people of color and people whose name sounds Arabic. During the last seven years, thousands of Muslims have written against this profiling. Half of the members of Congress have spoken against it. Almost all the civil rights advocates have taken a stand against racial and religious profiling. Even religious clergy has taken a stand against the ongoing practice of profiling people on the basis of their color or religion or race. The question asked by a Muslim American on an issue that is hurting most Americans was an American question.

Muslims do not have to apologize for asking this question. If the supporters of Israel and Christian Zionists believe that it is a sign of extremism on the part of Muslims, so be it. Muslims will not abandon their position on this issue.

On the issue of improving relations between the Muslim world and the United States, during the last seven years, the Bush administration has spent billions of dollars in PR campaigns. According to a congressional report, last year alone some 43 billion dollars were spent on intelligence-related activities mostly in the Muslim world, part of which were directed to improving relations with the Muslim world. Some 70 percent members of Congress have vowed to help improve relations with the Muslim world. In the national and local media, during the last 5 years some 3,000 references have been made about developing good relations with the Muslim world. If an American Muslim girl wearing hijab asked the question about developing better ties with the Muslim world, it was an American question and it was patriotic and Muslims do not have to apologize for that. If the supporters of Steve Emerson believe that asking this question was an act of Islamic extremism so be it. Muslims will not abandon their right to ask such questions.

Additionally, the un-named author questions my wisdom for writing critically to the policies of the Bush administration in Iraq.

Whatever I wrote about the current administration policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, I stand by that.

I will question the Bush Iraq policy loudly and clearly because it is not in the best interest of our country. I will challenge his perspectives on terrorism and violence in the Middle East because it is based on ignorance.

I wrote that when Marines killed innocent Iraqis for no reason, we didn’t blame the entire US military for organizing a campaign. I questioned the wisdom of blaming Muslims and Islam for the acts of a few people whose names appear to be Muslims.

I also believe that there is no difference between killing innocent Americans or innocent Iraqis either by those wearing the US Marine uniforms or expressing their allegiance to Osama Bin Laden. Violence must be questioned no matter what the motives for those acts of violence might be out there.

The article also accused me of running a seminary in Pakistan. I am not from Pakistan and never held Pakistani citizenship, I don’t know what are they talking about.

What I know is that they are concocting and fabricating lies to malign and character assassinate people. They don’t want Muslims to be part of American pluralism. They already support people who say that Muslims must either be converted or deported. They are promoting an agenda of which most Americans do not approve.

I am asking you to stand up to this racial and religious bigotry. I am requesting you to make your voice heard on this matter. Our readers must not sit silent on these matters. We must take a stand against lies, in the best interest of our country and community.


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