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Interfaith Iftar and Dinner in Las Vegas

interfaith_august_13,2010_052 More than 100 religious and civic leaders attended the Interfaith iftar and dinner organized by the Islamic Society of Nevada at Dr. Bashir and Kausar Chowdhry’s residence on August 13, 2010. Among those who attended the function were Congresswomen Shelly Berkeley and Dina Titus, Democratic candidate for the state Governor Rory Reid, FBI chief and members of all religious denominations.

This is the seventh annual Ramadan dinner held in the state.

Congresswomen Berkeley touched upon the Lower Manhattan controversy and said that she stands for the rights of Muslims to build the Islamic center two blocks away from the Ground Zero. She also said that she would defend the rights of the Muslims to practice their religion even if that means giving her own life.

Dr. Bashir Chowdhry and Gard Jameson, chairman of the Interfaith council emphasized the importance of the the interfaith work in these difficult times.


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