International Islamic Academy Hosts a Hajj Assembly for Students

By Noor H. Salem

Hajj Assembly 2013

On Friday October 11th the children of Islamic International Academy dressed and gathered for a memorable event. The school hosted yet again, its annual hajj assembly in celebration of the Hajj season right before the week long Eid vacation. All children dressed in Hajj attire, girls in prayer clothes and the boys in ihram clothing. The entire gym of the school was set up with fake scaled monuments of hajj, like the ka’bah, mount ‘Arafah, the Jamarat, Mina, and every other route of Hajj.

All students from pre-k 3 to high school took part in this experience. Parents were welcome of course, and each had a camera out taking photo after photo of their child. Children sat and listened to the speech at ‘Arafah, followed by a beautiful du’aa (supplication) by one of the students. They all made tawaf around the Ka’bah, went to Mina, ‘Arafah, Muzadalifa, the Jamarat, and at the end the dabih (slaughter of the sheep). A student gave a short explanation of why the slaughtering of the sheep takes place and stated a few points from history.


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