Interview with Masri Clinic

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Interview with Masri Clinic

By Adil James, MMNS

Dr. Masri's Portrait - Oakwood Farmington–March 24–It is an honor for all Muslims when any Muslim or team of Muslims takes up a position of meritorious leadership by their hard work, professionalism, and knowledge of a given industry or by their devotion to the community.  And so it is always a pleasure to consider the work of the Muslims in the Detroit area, who have many very strong and well-established, innovative businesses–from Auto supplies to dentistry, from sleep disorder care to auto repair.

The burgeoning Muslim community in Detroit’s suburbs has a diverse business community, including even a cosmetic surgery and sleep clinic called the Masri Clinic.

Drs. H. and Rania Masri have built a large and thriving business in downtown Dearborn at the intersection of Michigan and Schaeffer, and under their roof they have many thousands of square feet in which people from the surrounding community can seek peace, relaxation, exercise, specialty beauty products, help with sleep disorders, and non-invasive, minimally invasive, and also surgical procedures to enhance their feeling of beauty.

Eight physicians are party to the Masri Clinic–and they cover several specialties:  ear, nose and throat, and cosmetic surgery and sleep.

The clinic focuses largely on sleep disorders, and contains a complete sleep lab, accredited and with quiet home comforts not available at hospitals.  This clinic is largely focused on healing sleep apnea. Dr. Masri explained to TMO in a brief interview last Tuesday that the sleep lab is staffed by different people, and is completely separate from the cosmetic department of the clinic.

We “monitor the sleep, seeing how many times breathing stops, the level of oxygen during the night, and monitor brain waves, heart waves, muscle contractions,” explained Dr. Masri.

The Masri Clinic is an industry leader; as described in its brochure, “The Masri Clinic is the only specialty cosmetic surgery clinic in Michigan featuring Board Certified physicians in Facial Plastic Surgery, General Plastic Surgery, and Esthetic Medicine.  Surgeries are performed in the privacy of Masri Clinic’s state-of-the-art, federally approved surgery center.

Please see their website at, or call them at 313-945-9800.


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