Iranian Artist Sanam Emami

sanam emami art The Greenwich House Pottery in New York makes a foray into Persian pottery and ceramics, displaying works by Iranian artist Sanam Emami.

The Manhattan-based exhibition, which will close on March 14, provides a glimpse into Persian works of ceramics and pottery works, exploring the uniqueness of its geometric patterns and ornamental arabesque.

Emami, born in Iran in the 1970s, draws much of her inspiration from the organic precisionism of pre-Islamic and Islamic art.

“The visual and material culture in the Middle East has followed a different historical trajectory than that of the west,” the American Craft Magazine quoted her as saying.

“I am often drawn to pre-Islamic and Islamic art in Iran and attempt to incorporate elements of these influences into my work,” she added.

In 2003, Emami received a Grant Recipient for the Crafts at the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for her exclusive designs.

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