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Islamic Association of Greater Detroit (IAGD) From Our Hands to Theirs

By Hajra Khatri and Mehvish Khan  

pic3“This was my second year participating in the Kids Against Hunger food packaging day hosted by MYGD. I’ve loved both years, just the coming together of a community of kids on a Saturday afternoon to give something to others that we so often take for granted – a simple meal. I’m astounded by how a few grains of rice and ground up spices can mean so much to an entire family, and it really puts things into perspective. It’s honestly the least we can do, and for me, it’s a privilege to be put in a situation where I’m reminded of my own blessings. So thank you, Kids Against Hunger, for what you do, and for making me appreciate my life enough to attempt to extend it to others through your organization.” – Maisha Rahman, 17 years old

Back for another year, the Muslim Youth of Greater Detroit (MYGD) teamed up with Kids Against Hunger on April 28th to package meals to be sent all around the world. Kids Against Hunger is a national organization on a mission to feed starving children in the US and around the world. Eighty hearty volunteers gathered bright and early to give a hand or two. Just as last year, each volunteer was assigned to a station that embodied a specific task which was vital for packaging the food. The first four stations were in put in charge of placing the dried foods in the packages. The volunteers scooped rationed vitamin-fortified crushed soy, dehydrated vegetables, chicken-flavored vegetarian powder, and white rice respectively into the food bags. Once the food was stacked in the package, it was sent down to four eager volunteers who massed the packages to ensure accuracy. Each package contained three hundred and ninety grams of dried food. After the meal was the correct weight, it was sent down to the last two volunteers. This station tightly sealed each package to guarantee a shelf life of three to five years. The meals were then boxed, ready to be shipped off to hungry children all around the world!  The day began with a pursuit to package ten thousand meals. This goal was easily attained through the teamwork of our committed volunteers. For Odai El-Samawi, this was his first time participating in the Kids Against Hunger packaging day. After the event, El Samawi said, “It was fun and I really enjoyed the unity of the youth participating in a greater cause and helping the less fortunate”.  Many like El-Samawi participated in this event for the first time, while others were back for a second year. By the grace of Allah (SWT), MYGD was able to team up with Kids Against Hunger for another successful day! From our hands to theirs, we pass along ten thousand meals, Alhamdulillah.


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