Islamic Cultural Association Hosts Dr. Mohammad Alsayed Elgelined in Franklin

By Adil James, TMO

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Franklin–Sunday, December 15–The ICA hosted a professor from the University of Cairo. Dr. Elgelined holds a Ph.D. in Aqeeda.

The professor spoke in Arabic which was translated by attendees for the benefit of TMO.

The professor spoke to about 20 people, who spoke on his opinion of Islamic society’s supposed inability to progress since the seventh century, as compared with other nations’ advances.

He argued that there is a lack of contributions and participation from Arab countries, because of what he called a narrow field of vision of ‘ibada, which actually comprises more than acts that are explicit worship like zikr and prayers.

He said that God ordered us to inhabit the earth and build, yet we have neglected the worldly sciences.

The professor argued that people are different from animals and other creations in that human beings have limits on their behavior from the rules of God, whereas animals are free to do as their impulses tell them.

The professor also spoke against divisions in the Muslim community.

The professor was well-received and well respected by his audience, mostly composed of professional and successful first-generation immigrants from the Arab world.


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