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Islamic Holidays, Hijri 1429

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The Islamic calender is inherently controversial, because of the immense and rich diversity of the ummah. Nevertheless all Muslims need a rough idea of the coming Islamic holidays in order to plan their year. As a guideline for believers as they enter the new years of 2008 and 1429, here are the dates of major Islamic dates as calculated by FCNA and published on the website www.moonsighting.com.

1st Muharram, 1/10/08 (Thurs),

10th Muharram, Ashura, 1/19/08 (Sat),

Miladun Nabi (s), 12th Rabiul Awwal, 3/20/08 (Thurs);

Lailatul Isra`i wal Mi’raj, 27th Rajab, 7/29/08 (Tues),

Lailatul Bara’at, Nisfu Sha`ban (15th Sha`ban (begins maghrib after 14th Sha`ban), 8/15/08 (Fri);

1st day of Ramadan: 9/1/08 (Mon);

Lailatul Qadr (observed on 27th of Ramadan), 9/26/08 (Fri);

‘Eidul Fitr (1st Shawwal), 12/7/08 (Sun);

Day of Arafat (pinnacle of hajj), 12/7/08 (Sun);

‘Eidul Adha (day after Arafat of those making hajj), in honor of Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isma’il, and his son’s complete acceptance of that, 12/8/08 (Mon).


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