Islamic Iphone Apps

By Jeremy Blaney

EAST LANSING, Mich., Nov. 11 (UPI) — If you want to read a verse from Qur`an, there’s an app for that. If you want to be reminded of the five daily prayers, there’s an app for that. And if you need to know what direction to face when it’s time to pray, there’s an app for that.

There’s a computer application for just about anything and some Muslims are taking full advantage of such technological innovations to practice their faith.

“I have downloaded a few of the Islamic applications for my iPod touch,” said Nada Zohdy, a senior at Michigan State University.

One application consolidates Islamic prayers into a central location that can, once downloaded, be accessed with or without wireless connectivity. It includes, for example, prayers that are said before entering or after leaving a mosque.

“These prayers aren’t mandatory,” said Zohdy, who refers to her iPod to recite prayers in her car before and after Friday prayers. “They’re like extra things that you can do. Because of the iPod touch, I was able to do things I wouldn’t typically do.”

Apple says developers have created more than 100,000 apps covering 20 categories for iPhone and iPod touch users in 77 countries. The query “Islam” or “Muslims” returns dozens of applications that vary in cost and purpose.

“I have the Qur`an application,” said Khasim Jafri, president of the Muslim Students Association at Michigan State University. “I use it more for reference, like if I am trying to look up a certain verse or just want to read a short chapter.”

If you have downtime, maybe you should be doing something worthwhile. Now, something worthwhile is available at your fingertips.

osx_prayertimes iquran ArabtallerPro2_2
Prayer times Iphone Qur`an Arabic language support

Other technologies are also helping Muslims follow the rituals of their religion. Mounzer Kassab, an associate professor in the department of neurology at Michigan State University, travels with a customizable clock that sounds when it is time to perform each of the five daily prayers that are obligatory in Islam.

“You put in the city code,” he said, “and it will automatically do the call to prayer, five times a day. It has solved a lot of problems while traveling.”

Followers of other religions have also discovered conveniences offered by technology. In May, the Roman Catholic Church launched, a portal that provides access to several applications, including ones for Facebook and the iPhone and iPod touch.

“It’s a good communication tool, education tool, and evangelization tool,” said the Rev. Mark Inglot, a pastor in East Lansing, Mich. “The Internet has connected people in a way that they’ve never been connected before, and we’re embracing that technology.”

Inglot admitted, however, that the technological shift required some adjustments in attitudes. Inglot has a Catholic prayer application on his BlackBerry to help guide his recitation of the Divine Office, daily prayers that are obligatory for priests.

“My first thought was, does this take away from the sanctity,” Inglot said. “Instead of holding this prayer, you’re holding your BlackBerry, but we just have to get used to it. And as we use technology for this purpose, we are sanctifying that medium. It is another way that God can work in our lives.”

Zohdy shared Inglot’s  initial unease about the medium delivering the religious message.

“When I read the Qur`an online, she said, it feels a little less genuine. It still is different from the experience of holding the Qur’an.”

Another potential problem with mixing technology and religion, Zohdy said, involves distractions.

“Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that when I am on the computer, I am doing several things at once,” she said. “If I am reading the Qur`an online, I might not stay as easily focused as if I were holding the Qur`an in my hands.”

Some Muslims, however, see technological advancement as a threat to rituals. Kassab cited the holy month of Ramadan for one example. Muslims traditionally look for the new moon to verify that Ramadan has ended. But if clouds cover the moon, tradition dictates that Ramadan is not over and fasting must continue for an extra day.

“A lot of authorities are calling for astrological calculations, which are extremely accurate,” Kassab said. “But some don’t see a need for change. Some say they are going to follow tradition. You’re always going to find someone who is resistant to technology.”


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  1. Salleh
    Salleh says:

    go to Apple store now! There is an Islamic app called
    wudhu’ . This app teach us step by step how to perform
    wudhu’ . Good for kids and newly converted.
    Have fun learning.

  2. amaltje
    amaltje says:

    Salaam aleikoem wa rahmatullah,

    I just found this application for iphone / ipod touch / ipad, would like to share this!!

    iDu’a is an application for iphone/ipod/ipad in order to learn Islamic supplications.
    Over 250 supplications are available for everyday situations.
    The supplications are based on the well-known du’ as from Hisnul Muslim.

    For more information about this app:“]

    ma3a salaam,

  3. amaltje
    amaltje says:

    iQur’an EN is an app to read the Holy Quran in English, Arabic and transcription.

    The English translation of the Quran is from the well known Muhammad Habib Shakir.

    With the smart search feature it is very easy to find words, ayat ‘verses’ and hizbs.
    The transcription text facilitates reading Arabic.

    The features of the iQur’an are:
    Read Quran in English, Arabic and Transcription
    Add Aya to favorites
    Search for words, ayat and hizbs
    Easy navigation
    Easy way yo send an aya to a friend
    Easy to recommend the app to a friend
    Possibility for feedback

    iQur’ an EN

    For the Spanish speakers the iCorán ES application is also available at:

  4. Zeeshan Akhtar
    Zeeshan Akhtar says:

    Asalam o Aliekoum Brother and Sisters,
    We are developing Islamic apps for iPhone. The first application we have created is Tasbih Delight. It helps you to recite your daily tasbihat anytime, anywhere on your iPhone.

    Kindly try it once, and let me know your feedback.

    Also don’t forget to tell me what kind of Islamic applications, you people would like to see on your iPhone/iPod or iPad.

    You can email us

  5. Suzanne Muir
    Suzanne Muir says:

    Visit my new storybook “Allah Made The World” app on iTunes today.
    Cute animation and wonderful sound effects for children aged 0-6. Help to teach your children about their faith and how to be proud of who they are.


  6. giri
    giri says:

    Hi I have iphone3gs 4.3.1 in this version the face time app faceit is not working can u please suggest me good facetime app for 4.3.1

  7. Abdul
    Abdul says:

    Check out the new app called iSawab that allows you to track all your deeds throughout the day, and reminds you of new ways to earn the pleasure of Allah that you dont normally think about.

  8. Deenwise
    Deenwise says:

    I want to share one of the biggest Islamic App where you can find:
    – Silence Zone feature turns your phone to silent when you enter in the Praying Area. It will enable the sounds when you leave the mosque!
    – Accurate Prayer Times according to Geographical Location
    – Digital Tasbeeh helps you to count your Zikr everywhere and anywhere
    – Find Nearest Mosque or praying area to your location
    – The Whole Quran, Audio Recitation and English & Urdu Translation.
    – Islamic Readings include: Hadees, Islamic Quotes, Six Kalmas, Dua and Haroof e Muqattat
    – Ramadan Portal with Ramadan Duas, Calendar, Deals, Timings and Alarms for Sehr & Iftar.
    – 99 Names of Allah and Muhammad (PBUH)
    – Azaan
    – Namaz Counter
    – Qiblah Finder
    – Zakaat Calculator
    – Islamic Hijri Calendar
    – Islamic Events Calendar
    Download from:

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