Islamic Science Museum in Istanbul

Islamic science and technology will be revived in Istanbul. A museum is being built at historical "Gul-han-eh Park". The museum will host the reproductions of the works of Islamic scientists. There will be 800 pieces of technology in the museum of which restoration has been started long ago.

The historical buildings which are known to be stables belonging to famous Topkapi Palace will be turned into a museum at the completion of the restoration works.

The architect of the museum which will display the contributions of the Muslim scientists is world famous professor FUAT SEZGIN who lives in Germany. The 83 years old architect hopes to see the inauguration of the museum.

Professor Sezgin who knows 27 languages and can read many sources from their original manuscripts has proven Muslim scientists laid the foundations of the world science history. Sezgin, who established a science museum which displays the foundation of the world science in Germany, wants to build a similar museum in Istanbul. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged his personal support for the completion of the museum.

The museum is expected to open in April. When the restoration has been completed the inventions of Muslim scientists will emerge as the contributions to the humanity.


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