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ISPU Appoints Meira Neggaz as Executive Director


Washington, DC – The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding today announced that Meira Neggaz will join the institute as its new Executive Director.

Ms. Neggaz is an accomplished leader with international and domestic nonprofit experience. As Executive Director, she will be responsible for ISPU’s overall leadership, strategy, and growth. Meira will work to strengthen ISPU’s relationships with community leaders, policy makers, scholars, partner institutions and stakeholders to expand the reach of ISPU’s research and increase the organization’s impact.

“Under the able leadership of Saima Siddiqui, who chaired the search committee, the Board of Directors was able to recruit Meira from an impressive and accomplished pool of candidates,” said Board Chairman Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi. “Since ISPU’s founding, we’ve been constantly blessed to attract exceptionally talented leaders from the research and nonprofit management fields. Having Meira join as the new Executive Director is a testament to this fact.”

“Meira has extensive experience as a leader in the nonprofit sector. She’s demonstrated a track record of success in both domestic and international arenas,” said Interim Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Policy Impact, Farhan Latif. “Meira understands how to bridge the challenges that can often divide what research recommends from what is feasible and implementable on the ground. She has led organizations through tremendous growth and impact and I’m confident ISPU will benefit extensively from her leadership.”

“ISPU occupies a unique space both within the American Muslim community and within the think tank landscape typical of Washington, DC. I am thrilled to join the team and excited about ISPU’s current work and future potential,” said Neggaz. “The combination of ISPU’s rigorous and reliable research and its grassroots beginnings and support makes it both reflective of and responsive to the community as well as respected by those beyond. I look forward to building on ISPU’s already strong foundation with the vision of ISPU serving as a strong, respected and responsive resource to community organizations, leaders, policy makers and others.”

“As we welcome Meira and look forward to ISPU’s future under her leadership, I also want to thank our Chief Operating Officer, Farhan Latif, who stepped in as the Interim Executive Director and played an integral role over the past ten months guiding the organization through this transition. He carried a tremendous load as both Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, but ISPU continued to function and grow, which is a testament to his efforts,” added Chairman Hamzavi. “ISPU is known for its innovation, but also for strategically building upon the incremental successes of every stage of its growth. With Meira’s ability to find creative solutions to complex challenges, I can’t wait to see what ISPU can achieve next.”

“I would love for ISPU to be one of the key sources for research on topics of interest to and challenges faced by the American Muslim community,” said Neggaz. “And more than just providing data, ISPU would be a leading source of evidence-based recommendations and analysis for conversations of national importance.”


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