Israel’s Much Practiced War On Iran; The Impact On Oil, Food, Jobs, And Our Humanity

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Israel’s Much Practiced War On Iran; The Impact On Oil, Food, Jobs, And Our Humanity

By Charles E Carlson 

Should we reject and resist the reality that we live in a war-based economy? Our international banker and industrialist dominated political leaders will stoop to any deception to keep us oblivious of this simple fact of our economic life. They have made us dependent upon what we have come to call “serial wars.”

Now we are paying back the cost of warring, and $4.19 per gallon gasoline and $5.00 per gallon milk, and it is no fun for we consumers. Is the answer more war? Some of us must also consider this question from a humanitarian or “Christian” perspective…are you one of these?

We consumers should be able to see through the fog of words when crude oil is at $136.00 per barrel and the state of Israel is, with obvious US support, practicing for a military attack on Iran, the next biggest oil producer on Israel’s list of enemies. This is to be the next phase of the world war on Islam that began with oil rich Iraq in 1991.

Israel’s bombing of Syria last September was a practice run and we were too busy to notice, a stepping stone for an unprovoked raid on Iran, using US military machines with tactical support from us, though our leaders will pretend otherwise.

A business plan has just now been released to divide up Iraq’s oil among the same three giant international oil companies who were kicked out of Iran in 1972. It is foolhardy to doubt that this is also the pattern for Iran.

Politicians and media tell us that Muslims are scheming against us. We hear this from the same people who sold the “weapons of mass destruction” fairy tale five years ago. It’s the same claim being made by the same pretenders for the same purpose only, the target and the tactic is different, last time the target was Iraq…this time it’s Iran.

U.S. launched both attacks on Iraq while Israel watched; this time Israel has signaled that it will carry out the attack on Iran while the USA pretends disengagement. This will happen unless it is arrested by an immediate public outcry.

The White House has already signaled that it makes no objection to Israel’s publicized plans to bomb substantial industrial plants in Iran. It must be understood that Israel acts only with U.S. approval, because we pay all the costs, and then some. The “bomb Iran” threat has been tossed around for two years. We have become weary of hearing people cry wolf. But now there is smoke.

One big hint of war is found in the marketplace in $124.bbl oil. When the oil prices are already too high (out of line with refined products which are much to low) and running still higher, it is probably because someone with a lot of money is very concerned about the supply being cut off, and is buying oil for future delivery. Big insider bankers and industrialists know. If we stop the pending war in Iran the price of oil will drop!

The fattest hint that the Warmakers are attempting to again fool the public went almost unnoticed on September 6, 2007, but the event is not over. Israel claimed it had discovered and destroyed a weapon of mass destruction, not in Iraq, but at a place called Al Kibar in Eastern Syria. Israel’s raid had a purpose other than blowing up a building that looked like an old high school. The only logical purpose of this act was to create the illusion that Israel has a better spy system than the rest of the world, and is capable of finding nukes when others are sure there were none. Israel bombed this building in Syria as a stepping stone to bloody destruction in Iran. We are supposed to be convinced that Israel’s spies can find weapons of mass destruction in Iran where UN and world known nuclear experts overlook them, and then destroy them without a trace, all to protect us from “Muslims.”

Many of us remember the televised holocaust over Baghdad when America unleashed “shock and awe” on the people of Iraq. Iraqis were supposed to be a threat to us. They also happened to have a lot of oil. The new target, a country with a sound-alike name, Iran, also happens to have a lot of oil.

We must learn to view Israel not as a small religious state trying to survive in a hostile neighborhood, but as a nuclear armed pit bull for the world Zionists, with the U.S. holding the leash. Washington does not need to send a message ordering Israel to attack; all it has to do is loosen the choke chain that holds Israel’s nuclear military back. Just look at Israel’s record of attacking its neighbors.

The long-planned attack on Iran’s industrial sites will be fast and violent, perhaps nuclear. Then Mr. Bush can retire to write books. He might first gently reprimand Israel when it becomes known that they kill too many civilians. Israel has announced its air force is already training for bombing Iran.

Do Iran and Syria want to be nuclear? Every leader worth his salt should desire nuclear power, and all that can afford it should have it because there is not enough oil. Syria is mineral poor and buys its oil as we do.

We can stop this newest, but not so clever, scheme for war upon Islam, which also translates into war on our money, gas and food, and our very sense of humanity. We must use the internet as aggressively and wisely as politicians use it. If this added tragedy happens, it is because Americans allow it.

Charles E Carlson is a minister with We Hold These Truths, Project Strait Gate Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. The church web address is



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