Jamia Islamia Darul-Uloom Detroit–Making Great Progress

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Jamia Islamia Darul-Uloom Detroit–Making Great Progress

By Imam El-Amin, TMO

New school on Detroit/Hamtramck Border

2012-04-17On 2.7 acres of land on the Detroit/Hamtramck border a new building housing a madrassa of higher Islamic training is born. Started in 1998 in a small house in Detroit (as many great local institutions started) the school was born with the mission to educate our children in a true Islamic environment, which is essential to plant, nurture, and grow a moral Islamic-based society. Their desire is to prepare a group of highly capable scholars committed to serving the dictates of ALLAH, Highly Glorified is He.

Jamia Islamia has already made many accomplishments in its short period of existence. The school offers Fiqh consultations, hosts Islamic Conventions ( Jalsas), a very extensive after school program, and an equally extensive Islamic library.

Presently the school has 200 full-time and part-time students. Also, recognizing the capabilities and need for total community education, the administration has hired highly qualified female teachers to teach girls separately. Boarding is available at the start of the upcoming school year after the month of Ramadan.

Jamia Islamia has produced 34 Huffaz already and this year two students have completed their memorization of the Qur’an. Students are also presently enrolled in the first four classes of the Alim Course.

The Muslim community is asked to generously help with the construction of this fine worthy facility. The first phase has been completed which includes the basement, foundation and physical structure. The second phase will complete the project and will require approximately $300,000. The third phase will be renovation of an existing building which will be an additional 25,000 square feet and costing $250,000.

The religion of Islam has seen phenomenal growth in this country. The promise of ALLAH to make this the dominate religion is fast becoming reality and this school is but another testament to that reality. These students need and deserve our help and support as we assist the administration in their mission to please ALLAH by helping spread and sustain His Glorious religion.
Please make your check payable to

Jamia Islamia; 5679 Caniff; Detroit, Michigan 48212
All donations are 100% tax exempt. Tax ID: 38-3438964
Thank you and we pray Almighty ALLAH blesses our efforts to do His Will.


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