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Javed Khan Honored

Javed Khan has been the voice of calm on behalf of New Zealand’s 23,000 Muslims in a time of outrage for them and peril for meat exports to the Middle East.

In February, he stepped into the storm of protest over republication of Danish cartoons of the Prophet (s) in some New Zealand newspapers.

He expressed the disappointment and unhappiness of Muslims at the mockery of their Prophet (s), and obtained an apology in response; he also appealed for restraint by Muslim protesters.

At the same time, he used his personal friendship with the Iranian ambassador and worked networks of Muslim diplomats to ensure there was no retaliation by boycott against New Zealand’s products.

His work as president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand is recognized with the award of the Queen’s Service Medal. Mr Khan, who lives in Remuera with wife Rahil, is a lawyer for the New Zealand Post.


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