Karim Pakistan’s Sole Sochi Sportsperson

By Parvez Fatteh, Founder of http://sportingummah.com, sports@muslimobserver.com


Ski Federation of Pakistan (SFP) secretary Mussarat Ali is being realistic as the 2014 Winter Olympics unfold in Sochi, Russia. Pakistan’s only competitor in the Olympiad is 18-year-old Muhammad Karim. Ali said that the biggest achievement for Karim was to book a spot in the Winter Olympics. Karim will take part in the giant slalom event of the alpine skiing competitions, which begin later this week.

“Our hopes are with Karim, but we aren’t really competing for medals,” Ali told The Express Tribune. “We have to be realistic, but we are hoping that Karim competes well. He should qualify in his event and complete the race.”

Ali has similar expectations for Karim that he had for Muhammad Abbas in 2010. Abbas was the first Pakistani to compete in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. “Abbas ended up performing better than many skiers from ski-developed countries,” he said. “Even though this time the competition is tough, we want Karim to complete the spirit finish course and not fall down.”


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