Khalid Khan, Nevada Man of the Year

Picture_909-lighter Khalid Khan, president of the Islamic Society of Nevada and an active AFMI supporter was awarded the man of the year award by the Asian American Democratic Caucus of Nevada. The other awardee was Shirley Berkley, Congresswoman from Nevada. Last year the award was given to congresswomen Dina Titus for her leadership in the community. It is one of the most prestigious award in the state of Nevada.

The Asian American Democratic Caucas of Nevada  is a political advocacy group and consists of Americans of Asian origin. Drawn from various countries, the office bearers of the organization work in close relationship with public officials in the state to promote the interests of Asian Americans.

Khalid Khan has been actively involved in public life in Nevada for almost four decades. He was the president of the University’s foreign student body. He is a founder of the Islamic Society of Nevada and he is also actively involved in the Muslim outreach program.

Picture_893 Introducing Khalid Khan, Dr. Sohail Anjum told the audience that Khan was a man of love and peace and had dedicated his life in bringing people of different faiths together.


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