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Letter to the Editor–Beard & Kufi

Bro El-Amin:

As-Salaam aleikum my brother in this deen. I truly appreciate perusing your informative weekly Musings.

I further enjoy the “Miracle of the Honeybee” data, by Brother Yahya also.

Yet on the other hand, my reason for posting this specificic epistle is to query if whether during any of your Musing topics will you ever write on the importance of wearing the beard or kufi?

The compulsion of keeping the beard / order of lengthening the beard. Can you explain “Do clip the moustache closely, lengthen the beard well.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Although I am in court on these issues, it would be nice to be printed in your Musings.

Well, insha`Allah, it’s food for the growth and development of Muslims in this deen. I will close this brief epistle with the universal greetings As-Salaamu aleikum to you, all the Muslims, Muslims on the staff.

Willi Free Gartner


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