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Letter to the Editor: Moon Fighting


Firstly, please check the Muslim Observer: Moon Sighting to Moon Fighting

Well, coincidentally, today is a Super Moon.

Anyway, we are living in the United States of America.  So considering this, the Muslim Observer should have added one Arab American wearing Saudi uniform and one so-called American Muslim leader wearing American uniform, Muslim white beard and no Topy (Cap) on the head in above picture with 2 Desi wearing their country’s uniform and fighting for Moon. 

This would have given the complete picture of our community, as well as American Muslims at large in our adopted country USA.

Because according to ICNA’s latest survey of Moon, about 40% American Muslims are following Moon Sighting, 39% are following Moon calculations and rest of 21% are following Saudi Arabia. 

Here ICNA’s latest survey of Moon: US Mosques Used 3 Different Methods to Decide Eid ul Fitr

Please take a note that US born Muslim scholar Br. Hamza Usuf is following Moonsighting (Crescent Watch).

Here Br. Hamza Yusuf goes to sight a Moon (Crescent) on the mountain, with his own eyes:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkk9RroPOGw

The beauty is that US born/grown educated youth/young Muslims are following Br. Hamza Yusuf because he is talking in their language.

Thanks and take it easy.

Ghani Desai


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